Static Pressure or Airflow for Hard Drives

Well, first off, should I even use a fan to cool my 2 SSD's and my HDD?
If I do, should I use fans optimized for airflow or static pressure?
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  1. I would just use a cheap quiet fan (Probably end up being airflow).

    It doesn't take much to keep them cool.
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    Nope, the SSD's essentially have zero heat output and the HDD is good for temps up to 100c, not that it will ever get that hot on its own. Convection (air heats up and rises, cool air takes its place, rinse repeat) will be plenty to cool them.

    Would depend how the drives are configured. If they are close together than probably the static pressure one. If they are further apart then the airflow.
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  4. with two or more hard drives make sure there an air gap between them. most new builder make a error and puts them back to back. that cause cause the drives to over heat.
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