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I just bought a new computer and it has windows 7 operating system. it is also loaded with ATI mobility radeon HD 4530 series {default LCD} grapics card. I play in a game site called Pogo and I am having trouble rezising my game to where it is a good size to play. Right now it is about 5x4 inches and I have a 17 inch laptop so this size screen just isnt big enough. I have tried changing the resolution of the computer and it does make the actual screen bigger, but it places the game in the top left of the screen and it is still the small size. the rest of the window is just blank. I had another computer and it was vista operating system and it let me change the size of that screen and actually let me "stretch" the screen to a bigger size. I have talk to HP as it is thier product and got a very nice gentlemen to help me, but in the end he could not solve the problem.I am sure I am not the only person in the world with windows 7 operating system that is having this problem and would like to know if anyone else is having the same problem and if there are any "fixes" for it.
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  1. Did you resize the screen?

    Right click on desktop
    Change Display Settings
    Change it to 800x600 and see what that does for you.

    If that creates a small window then you need to go into the BIOS - some laptops have a feature called Graphics scalling - make sure that is on.
    You can also go into CCC - the ATI control panel and turn on Enable GPU Scaling...
    Those will stretch your smaller screen back to full size...

    I have never played those games so I cannot tell you for sure.
  2. Finally got my problem resolved by calling back HP. They installed an update to the ATI graphic device that was installed on my computer
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