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My netflix movies are running jerky almost like stop motion. Do I need a new graphic card? I am running a PIII (1.2gHz) with 1.2 GB RAM with a Radeon 7500 APG dual monitor card. It has to be in my machine because it showing that the data is loading ahead of whats on the screen. One of my monitores is DVI and the other is vga. Somebody please help me. Thank you
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  1. more like ur processor

    an Athlon II x2 for 60 USD will give u smooth movies
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    To upgrade the processor he would need a motherboard and RAM, and a PCI-E graphics card, and power supply specs have changed since then so that too. Im not sure if they make motherboards with IDE anymore so throw in a hard drive and CD drive, at least my motherboard doesn't seem to have IDE.

    So assuming you aren't just streaming slow. You would need a whole new computer. Doesn't have to be a good one but I think you deserve and upgrade to anything.
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  4. Thank you for your answer. I was kind of thinking the same thing but I will have to wait a while to build what I guess will be the next generation. Figure out how fast I want to go. I don't think I will ever be a "gamer", and I will probably want to use some of the stuff I have in the old one, like the hard drives and the sound card and the case and power supply. Maybe just get a new mother board and CPU and of course a graphics card. Just got to bite the bullet so to speak. But again thank you. John
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