Can you put a dedicted graphic card in a dg41RQ mother board

e6500 with DG41Rg was built for me obviously i was expecting more too late now, but can you put a dedicated video card in thi? and one that has hdmi, yeah i thought i was getting window 7 64 bit, nope he put in 32 bit! i was disappointed for the amount of money i had to pay. bought it from a guy that makes computer for a living in plainwell
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  1. Do you mean DG41RQ? If so it has a PCI Express x16 slot. So you can add a GPU in there.

    When did you buy this PC? If you bought it recently, then i can say the person you bought it from cheats people for a living!
  2. Yeah it should be DG41R"Q" and according to this linku right hurr~ it has "One PCI Express* x16 bus add-in card connector".

    And what a rip-off :P why would he even use 32bit? I install 64bit on all my clients >=P.
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