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So i have two monitors- a Dell 17" and a Viewsonic 24". Before when i had my Geforce 7300LE insalled on my computer everything ran just fine. Both monitors were read and i could do both of them, even my dv1000 laptop can support the Dell. Then at Christmas i got the 9600GT. The problem i run into is the fact the Display Properties under the settings tab wont even read the Dell Monitor (Even when ive tried the ritual start restart, are they plugged in thing...). I tried downloading several programs to see if they could find it, no luck. The best ive had is when Nvidia's Control panel found it and i was able to set it up so it was one large screen, it works that way but i want to have two totally seperate displays. Two resolutions...

The reason that i really want this to work is im setting the Dell for Supreme commander, but for some odd reason i cant get it to work... Ive updated the drivers, still waiting to restart, but i dont think thats it...

Thanks Ahead!
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    What OS? Seven handles multi-mon excellently; Vista, not so much; Xp - you're relying on what the drivers can do, Xp ain't helping you...
  2. lol yep XP

    And the drivers did fix it! :)
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