What cards are these?


In this video it features two very thin 5970s, what i want to know is how they are so thin. I've looked around and only seen saphire and PowerColor ones, which certainly aren't that thin.

I know they're so thin becuase they don't have the fans on them, but i wonder where you can get them like that.

I'd be interested in the Omni + 5970 one day, when i fall into a pot of gold.
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  1. Did you even watch the video? They explain what they are and how it works. I suggest watching it again.
  2. Errr... Watch the video? xD!

    CoolIT made a some-what universal liquid cooling solution based plate for video cards and they were showing it at CES. Looks very promising, but I'd wait for the benchies.

  3. Yes i know they are 5970s, did you even read my post? I asked where you could get a set like those thin ones.
  4. Stupid non-edit.

    Mainly i asked where you could get ones like that, because i wouldn't be comfortable with playing around the card myself, to put the omni plate on.
  5. Ah, now I see what your saying. I have no idea where you can buy a pre done setup like that. Might not ever be possible. Might be able to find them tomorrow. My guess would be they will always be seperate.
  6. Hmm i thought as much. Well i'm not exactly rich enough to get a 5970 with the omni, but i was interested anyway. If i ever got one, i suppose i could find a local shop to do them, least i can blame them if something goes wrong :p
  7. Well, Video Cards get "fat" because of their Cooling Systems... It's not like the PCB itself is 3 inches thick :P

    And I doubt a vendor will sell the cards with no cooling solution attached. Sounds like a risky business.


    EDIT: Nevermind me, I got it wrong again, lol. Hope you can find a local store to do it. But still, wait for the benchies :P
  8. Oh yeah, it'll be ages until i could afford one, i'm just researching lol. I'd love to see a benchmark of 2 x 5970s, i wonder what mobo hes got in that rig.
  9. Powercolor offers 5970 and 5870 LCS editions which come with waterblock pre-attached. I got a 5970 LCS. Though the powercolor ones are thin but does not feature omni plates, they have traditional waterblocks.

    Also the Omni thing is really expensive compared to a traditional watercooling.
    @ $300 I can get a full liquid cooling with 3xRad with a single waterblock. 3x rad and full pump would definitely beat out the omni solution in terms of performance anyday.
    Their interposer plates aren't that much cheaper than full waterblocks either. The only advantage I can see is removing the need to drain and bleed your system every time you add or change something.
  10. I think its a looks thing. I assumed that they would be expensive, and at whatever price they were you could get a better block. But a block is still big and bulky, where these are not. If you want nice flat cards, this is the way to go. I'm cheap and prefer performance over looks so you and I might go the block route. But for people that want a nice looking case, this would be the way to go.
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