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Is it possible to transmit wifi signal via wifi card?
If so, how? :sol:
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  1. Yes.

    Between two wireless cards.

    It's called an ad hoc connection.
  2. no you don't get it.

    i mean
    suppose i have a wired broadband and i want to use it on another device(say mobile phone) so can i use internet via a computer connected via wire to wired broadband transmitting the wifi signal through wifi card so that it can be used on mobile phone having wlan.

    in other words
    Can i convert a wired broadband via wifi card (in the computer) into wifi signal so that i can use it on mobile phone
  3. Stop messing about and get a wireless router.
  4. lol i don't wanna buy router. Is there a way you can do that?
  5. I find abandoned routers regularly as (in London) most ISP's supply them free and people dump them when they move or change provider.

    Others turn up in flea markets etc for (the equivalent of) a few dollars.

    Just pick one up to save you trying to re-invent the wheel.
  6. if you have windows 7 create a virtual wifi, google it
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