Radeon HD 5970 in 690 II Advanced case


So I've seen debates concerning this, but no definite answer. It's clear the 5970 won't fit in the case's 11.9 inch of width since it is 12.1 inches long. However, I believe the hard drive bays are removable. Therefore, would it be possible to fit the card by simply leaving one or two of the hdd bays out?

Can anyone with this case semi-confirm this?

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  1. ^ Why not just get the HAF 922 ? It will fit the 5970 without any issues...
  2. +1

    ... yup .. so I hear ... over and over ... from all the regulars, here.

    Fairly unanimous.

    = Al =
  3. Yes I've seen the dimensions of the HAF 922, I'm just not a big fan of the case itself. Not a big data hoarder so I only need one of those HDD bays. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is possible or not.
  4. Yes and no ... and yes.

    . . . *IF* (and ONLY if) your case has a removable 3.5" drive CAGE (usually the lower half of the front of the system, below the 5.25" bay(s), on a mid-tower) ....
    . . . *THEN* you *COULD* remove the ENTIRE (4 or 5 bay) 3.5" CAGE ... AND ... you can get a 5.25">to>3.5" drive-mount converter bracket (free if you scrounge) and mount 1 or 2 HDDs up top, just unter the optical drive, if there are enough external 5.25" bays, up front.

    I have read the reviews of the most popular and best-rated versions of THAT card (gpu) and I have read anecdotes of some (several) folks who use a dremel or hack saw (away from other components, outside the case), to cut away only the offending obstruction (leaving the remainder of the lower cage intact). . . .

    . . . Of course .... YOU DO NOT WANT METAL FILINGS ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR MOBO OR OTHER COMPONENTS (not even one granule !!! ).

    . . . Finally, Short Stuff has chimed that ~~ "VERY few mid-towers have issues accomodating the physical dimensions of this card" (paraphrasing).

    = Al =
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    I've actually never said anything like that about the 5970. It is a very long GPU and you need to ensure it will fit in any case. I've never personally used the 5970 in the 690 II Advanced case, so you can only hope for somebody who has tried that combo to chime in. The 5870 will fit, but according to this review the 5970 will not.

    I'm not sure if removing the HD bays will allow the 5970 to work or not. Sorry I can't be of more help. :(

    Edit: After looking closer at that review, it looks like removing the HD bays won't help since only the bottom bays are removable. The top two are fixed and those are the ones that would need to be removed to fit a larger GPU.
  6. *very* Sorry to mis-quote ...

    I was sure I heard you make a comment about "some" gpu not having any probs fitting in almost any tower, just in the last few days ... thot it was this card, too.

    ...another hallucination !, Arhg ! ...

    I'll do my very best to speak only for my (somewhat faulty) self, in future.

    = Al =
  7. Best answer selected by Matt314.

    (just one other approach to an elegant solution). ~~$200 out at end of April 2010

    SEARCH ON "Antec Lanboy Air"
  9. Awesome, looks pretty cool. I'd consider it but im more in the 100$ range
  10. me too ... hoping the street$$ comes down to <$170, before I am compelled to build ... at $150? ... Slam Dunk!

    ... Some have said this "screen-porched jungle gym" is a spill-hazard, waiting (not very long) to happen.

    They do have a point ... noise is also not attenuated by the AIR case. I still love it and I was one of those that kind of thot the Antec Skeleton was a possibility (but not well enough laid out).

    = Al =

    Love the extreme flexibility ... my 930 would be very happy living in there.
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