Overclocking an AMD radeon hd 6630m in a Sony Vaio

I would like to overclock my gpu (AMD radeon hd 6630m) so that it could play far cry 2 on ultra. Is this possible? My specs are:
Sony Vaio VPCCB4Q1E
Intel core i5 2450m
6 gb ddr3 ram
AMD radeon hd 6630m
650 gb hdd (?)
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  1. nope.
  2. System requirements for far cry 2 are not that high but I doubt you will get ultra
    Download MSI Afterburner.
    Move core clock slider higher
    Run kombuster, if you have problems reduce the clock speed.
    Look up overclocking on other threads.

    If you ignore heat problems, mobile gpu's can usually overclock quite well.
    My old gt 525m overclocked from 600 core to 750 core. ~25%.
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