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just got a new laptop the MB is 6GB capable the HDD is 6GB capable but was told the 3gb speed seen is due to the cable connecting the 2 ... anyone know if there is a sata 3 laptop connector
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  1. there is no sata laptop cable for a hard drive
    the drive plugs into a connector on the motherboard itself
  2. And a 6 G (SATA II) cable is the same as a 3 G cable (SATA II).

    Who told you that the 3 Gb speed speed (be careful, a GB is eight (or sometimes 10) Gb) is due to the cable? Could that person be wrong?

    No HDD can transfer at speeds over SATA II speed, anyway. So even if the mobo, the cable, and the HDD controller are SATA III, you won't get SATA III speeds. With an SSD, maybe, but not with an HDD. Ever.

    Info on make and model of notebook and drive may help us be more specific.
  3. ok the laptop i'm referring to is a HP dv6t, and cable/connector same thing.

    and there is a difference between a 3GB sata II cable and a 6GB sata III cable
    as for the MB its a sandy bridge and the HDD is a seagate momentus XT

    capable of 6Gb data rates ... i called HP who said the MB is capable of 6GB the HDD is capable of 6GB but the cable is where the bottle neck is as it is only capable of 3GB .....
  4. If they say so. This is the first any of us have heard of it, but the issue may be specific to their hardware. If you got that info from HP, perhaps they could point you to the cable?
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