750 Watts' enough for 2 GTX275?

Will a Chieftec Super Series 750W PSU be enough to power 2 GTX275 in SLI?
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  1. That card uses 219W (around 18.5A) from the +12V rails, so... Yes it should.

    From what I found, your PSU has 4 +12V rails giving 18A each. Get some adaptors and you'll be fine. Just make sure not to attach way too many fans, DVD's or HDD's per rail :P

  2. My 750w psi powered my 3.7ghz X3 720 and overclocked gtx 295 just fine. Although it is a corsair ;)
  3. This says twin 275's will draw 230 watts:


    Run your whole system through the calculator.....I wouldn't expect much from a Chieftec tho.
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