What brand do you think works best?

personally I have a tendancy to go gigabyte but i dunno, ive heard of a LOT of problems with their x58 mobo's......
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  1. EVGA!
    Then Asus x)

    But EVGA all the way mate :)
  2. what board would you reccomend for the equivelant of a x58A UD3?
  3. (second revision of course)
  4. Well what exactly are you aiming for here? OC'ing? Gaming? You plan on 3-way SLi (or 2-way) ? And what's your budget range?

    That giggy board is not a bad board - it handles fairly well. But i of course prefer something like the EVGA Classified 3 (or $-way if i'm aiming for alot of GPU power) or maybe the Asus Sabertooth x58 that packs a punch for a good price.
  5. well im looking to put in 2 GTX 460's in sli, and have scope to possibly add a physx card later on aswell, im on as tight a budget as possible so i was just gonna go with the giga.
  6. I actually recommend the Asus Sabertooth x58 linky hurr~. This board support 2-way SLi + Physx, it's solid & a good OC'er. Nothing Hardcore or extreme but it's a good board x). Not to mention it has a 5 year warranty compared to giggy's 3 year xD.
  7. thank you :D plus 1
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