Will my e7200 bottleneck a 5770

Hey guys...

I wanted to upgrade my video card from a 9600GT to a 5770 1GB, but I was concerned my older processor might limit the 5770. I currently have a Core 2 Duo e7200 @ 2.53. It is not OC'd, because I don't know how. I read some guides on overclocking, but it was over my head. I'm a total novice and would no doubt would make my PC explode. So anyway.... will my stock 7200 limit a 5770?

Total current specs are:

Vista 32
Core 2 Duo e7200 @ 2.53
460watt PSU

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  1. yes but the 5770 will still improve your PC gaming performance over your 9600GT
  2. wrong idea, get a new windows seven 64 bit copy and a hd 5770
  3. make sure you use abswindows7 credit card for the purchase since hes offering
  4. You will certainly notice a boost with 5770 even with a e7200 an stock clocks.
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