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Hi there.

I just registered because I felt that this community is really good and helpful, so hopefully, you'll be able to help me out here.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: In the coming month. Around $500-$800 before rebate

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Mostly for gaming. Like to play combat arms(online free to play fps) and maybe assassin's creed? Mostly for fps games.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: starting from scratch so I don't have anything at all. Only the mouse.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: No preference, but I'm in vancouver, so looking for stuff nearby, if possible.

PARTS PREFERENCES: Not much preference, just want a good build thats cheap that will allow me to play Combat Arms with no lag at all (hopefully 80fps). Don't need a fancy screen, sound system(I have headphones) or keyboard.

OVERCLOCKING: Don't really know about this

MONITOR RESOLUTION: don't have a monitor, but doesn't have to be too fancy

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'm planning on buying a gaming laptop, but in the summer, when hopefully prices fall abit for the i7 920xm. Right, now, I just want to play combat arms well, and so I just need a really basic gaming pc, as cheap as possible. But maybe leave room for upgrades just in case in the future I want to upgrade it.
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  1. I was wondering whether these two builds are decent enough to play combat arms well?? Is the difference between the hd 5670 and 5770 big?? Is it worth the extra cash?
  2. In the GPU raw frames generation in games we have HD 5670 < HD 4770 < HD 5770
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