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What is the concensus best $100 card available? I am about to spend $100 to upgrade my PC to play PC games decently, and I want the most bang for my buck when I spend it... Note that I am adding this to a AMD 64 x2 3800+ (2GHz?) with 2mb DDR3 ram...

Here are my options...


9800 GT 512mb DDR3

9600 GT 1gb DDR3

GT 240 1gb DDR3

GT 240 512mb DDR5


HD 4850 512mb DDR3

HD 4670 1gb DDR3

HD 5670 512mb DDR5

HD 5570 1gb DDR3


Which one of these cards will get me the most performance for now and in the next comng 2 years? I dont want to play Crysis here, just games like COD, GTA, SF4, and most of the games you will see as console ports and the such...
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  1. The HD4850 is the best card of that bunch by a decent amount.
    You can get an idea of their various performance levels from this;
  2. to be honest with you, at this point I am really only interested in whether or not the 240 GT is better with 1GB DDR3 or 512MB DDR5 (i do like my bigger games...). At the $70/$80 price point (after MIR), I dont know if I can turn that down...

    does DDR5 memory make a sugnificant different with cards at this level? Or would the extra 512mb of DDR3 ram help me more?
  3. This fits the $100 price limit (after MIR) and gives another option

    One of the reasons I mentioned it is I remembered THG speaking abo0t the 0.5 GB / 1 GB memory thing in their comparison

    For $15 more than the 512MB version, an interested gamer can get the benefit of a full gigabyte of memory. At the highest resolutions and levels of anti-aliasing, this extra memory might provide a performance boost, though it's unlikely the GeForce GTS 250 is powerful enough to run at those detail levels. Still, many buyers might find the slight $10 price increase worthwhile in something like Grand Theft Auto IV.
  4. would 1gb of video memory actually help counter-balance the fact that I only have 2gb of on board memory? Considering I dont plan on upgrading my memory yet...
  5. The GT 240 is ok, but not particularly good. I highly recommend the HD4850 instead. As you can see from that link I pasted earlier it is a much, much better card(over 50% more powerful.) Here is one on sale for $94 with free shipping;
    If you do still go for the GT 240 the DDR5 512mb is definitely a better choice than DDR3 1gb. The extra memory is almost entirely useless for cards of that caliber but the increased memory speed of DDR5 over DDR3 is quite important on a 128 bit bus.
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