Re-occuring BSOD

Hello i have a re-occuring bsod that is getting on my nerves and i cannot find an explanation
the error code is.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 3081

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 7f
BCP1: 0000000000000008
BCP2: 0000000080050031
BCP3: 00000000000406F8
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

My computer is running
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
office 2003
zonealarm extreme security suite
logitech gaming panel, msi afterburner

computer hardware is
Asus striker 2 formula mobo
8 gb ddr2 800mhz corsair
60GB SSD patriot inferno
msi gtx 465
m850w power supply
q9550 cpu

i would appreciate any help in diagnosing and fixing this issue, just let me know what information you need

also getting this error in event viewer
The following fatal alert was generated: 10. The internal error state is 10.
source schannel event id36888
^ any ideas?
(NOTE this is a FRESH reinstall done 2 days ago)
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  1. This may caused by the Sandforce controller. Try a firmware update
  2. sandforce controller? for what device does that relate to?
    if your referring to the SSD i have had this exact same bsod across 4 different OS drives
  3. Use a different firewall

    Zone Alarm is causing the BSOD
  4. every other computer in my house uses zone alarm, not one issue. therefore its a conflict on my machine somewhere if it IS zone alarm.... sooooo suggestions?
  5. I had the same problem before where Zone Alarm cause BSOD on one computer only but not the other. So it is worth a try.
  6. well im open to other suggestions but im not removin zone alarm
  7. Ok, you can try a workaround.

    In control panel>Network and Internet>View network status and tasks>Change adapter settings>Local Area Connection>right click Properties.

    Double click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)>Advanced>WINS tab>Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP>OK
  8. what does net bios do?
  9. The problem with diagnosing windows issues is the endless hardware and software variability.

    Sure you used the same software or hardware across different machines, but it doesn't guarantee they will work on this one.

    Software-wise its really just a matter of disabling/uninstalling anything and everything that you can. You can also do a zero fill (get rid of persistent viruses etc), and reinstall.

    Hardware-wise, its the simple and easy task of replacing every single component, starting with the easy stuff, and end with replacing the mobo etc.

    If ur not even prepared to remove zone alarm to test, you won't get anywhere fixing windows machines. Maybe just pay a shop or high school kid a few hundred to do it for you.
  10. @mrmez
    i am prepared to remove it as a test and i have previously with no effect. thus i am un-interested. also. pay a shop? lmao! scamming morons alot of the time

    Barring this one issue i am completely capable of fixing my own issues.
    only reason i am asking this forum is for a fresh perspective not for someone to make sweeping generic statements and be an ass, have a nice day ^_^
  11. I am referring to SSD. It is worth to try. It might improve the performance. Also, it eliminate one of the cause of the problem
  12. 0x0000007f are usually in order:

    ram issues
    hardware issues
    Driver issues

    Ram is pretty easy to test, general hardware might be harder if you dont have spare parts lying about. As for drivers, since you say you have 4 different computers, i would try to compare what driver might be different on this particular computer versus the others ones.

    my 2C
  13. All i can go on is what you write. You don't say you what you have tested, but when we suggest something you say "im not removin zone alarm".
    Turns out you have tried to remove it. Maybe try telling us what you HAVE tried instead of just:
    -Fix it for me

    BSOD's ARE sweeping general statements of something going wrong. As lafontma said: Could be hardware, could be software.

    Software is the easiest to control. Disable/uninstall/update programs/drivers. Use safe mode.

    Failing that, "its the simple and easy task of replacing every single component, starting with the easy stuff, and end with replacing the mobo etc."
    If i were to list the easy stuff in order:
    -Non essential cards
    -CPU (rare)
    -PSU (semi rare)

    Change one variable at a time and re-test.

    Again, I've already said that all of that.

    The reason why those computer shop morons charge so much is that going through one thing at a time can take all day, and time is money.

    Sounds like you are just looking for a quick and easy fix. Click this, install that, delete those.
    Not that simple. Everyone knows you have to go through the list.
  14. mrmez, unless you have an idea or an opinion which is helpful, kindly go away. as i said this is a 100% fresh install. this means. every program. every driver. every windows update. are 100% up to date and installed. all hardware is tested. working. thus. my original statement.

    and computer shop guys just waste time. i volunteer at a pc repair shop for charity and most repairs take an hour or 2. max

    an opinion or idea that would be useful are things like.... run ramtest. update drivers. check event viewer check services or startup items that could be causing problems blah blah blah check that ram is actually seated properly e.t.c.

    0x7f STOP code is usually hardware related. The above linke still applies to Windows 7 so you can ignore the "Applies To..." comment. BCCode: 7f BCP1: 0000000000000008 means a Double Fault has occurred according to Microsoft. I'd start with testing the RAM with MEMTEST. Let it run until it fails or for at least a couple of hours, longer if you can. Either way, have a read through that KB article I linked and see if any of Microsoft's suggestions help you find the problem.
  16. ran mem test, no errors detected o.O on all 4 sticks
    small update.. talked to a zone alarm rep and got an early release update to the newest version o.O
  17. Well, download Prime95 and run a stress test for your CPU. See if you can make it crash. Run Small FFT's with 4 threads and it should just stress your CPU for the most part. See if it crashes or prime95 starts reporting errors on any of the cores. Or at least try it if your computer crashes again with the new Zone Alarm update you just received.
  18. When the BSOD happens? Total in the random order or when u launch a program?
  19. random. it can happen when im gaming, when its idle, when im watching video files, it can happen when im downloading.

    totally random. i havent seen a pattern to what causes it o.O

    stress testing my cpu atm... handling it like a champ lol how long should i run it for? the stress test runs it very hot (obviously) dont wanna fry it lol
  20. Try to disable Zone alarm and use the Windows FW for a day and than maybe we will see: )
  21. nikorr... you following me? haha

    john, you probably only need to run it about 30-45 min. I would think it would trigger it by then. And as logn as your CPU stays under 70C you're good on temps.

    If the small fft's doesn't trigger it, run the Blend test that tests the CPU and RAM at the same time. Run it for half an hour and see if any errors occur. If nothing, then I'd go back to drivers/software conflicts. If the problem can happen even at idle but can't be triggered stress testing, then driver/software issues are prime suspects to me. Which would be easy to test if we knew how to trigger it and could try triggering it in Safe Mode.
  22. wish i knew what triggered it. unforunately nothing strange in event viewer. its passed the 24k test so far... and my temps on my cpu are a bit *** because its stock cooling
    but it never goes about 70c when gaming
  23. If nothing else works to define the problem, I suggest you format, install windows and chip set drivers, sound drivers and any other MB drivers needed for on board devices (usb, lan, etc.) finally update windows and then run the system. If no bsod start to add software and other drivers one at a time until the bsod start. This is a true pain but a fully loaded system presents so many variables that you may need to simplify it to define it.
  24. the programs i use are.... firefox. windows live, k lite codec pack, flash, flash for other browsers, java, .net framework, silverlight, adobe air, adobe shockwave, irfan view, adobe reader, malware bytes anti malware, steam, utorrent, origin, media go, games for windows live marketplace, izarc, zonealarm, msi afterburner, logitech gaming panel, real temp, office 2003, piriform tools, and notepad ++.

    nothing that could really cause a problem...
    no double ups on anti viruses or firewalls... or codec packs... all software is up to date..
  25. Oh you give me a laugh..You have random recurring bsod. You are sure it is not a hardware issue and you are sure none of your software is at fault. Well like it or not you are in error. Something is causing the failure. If you won't take the time to isolate and resolve the issue then learn to live with it. GL
  26. Try this...
    1. I would suggest you to boot the computer in safe mode and check if the issue still persists
    Restart the computer
    Start tapping F8 key
    You will get advanced boot option window
    Using the arrow key select the option “Safe mode”

    2. Check in device manager for the power options and check the box “Allow the device to wake up the computer” and uncheck “Allow this computer to turn off the device to save power”. Follow the steps mentioned below.
    i. Click on Start and type “Device Manager” in the start search box and press Enter.
    ii. Locate “Display Adapter” and right click.
    iii. Select “Properties” and go to “Power Management” tab
    iv. Check the box “Allow the device to wake up the computer” and uncheck” Allow this computer to turn off the device to save power”.
    v. Click on Apply and then ok.
  27. You can also go here

    and download and install the Windows 7 debugging tools to read your minidumps that are created after each BSOD. The minidump will tell you the file/driver that was loaded or failed to load right before the BSOD. You'll use a program named windbg to read the dumps.
  28. hmmmm fixed my dump settings... hoping i can analyse for a driver reference..
  29. Good luck, hopefully it won't bluescreen again but at least now we can try to analyze the dump. It should be C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP if I remember correctly. You may have a couple already to analyze.
  30. i dont actually, which is weird.
  31. Yea, that is weird. Hopefully the next one is caught and will give us a lead.
  32. Did you allow show hidden files, show hidden system files, as well as show extension? I know they are basic but just to make sure.
  33. Pyree has a point, I think memory.dmp files are hidden and they may be considered protected operating system files as well.

    Type "folder options" in the start menu search field
    click the view tab
    check "Show hidden files, folders, and drives"
    uncheck "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)."
    You can uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types" as well if you want.
  34. Hi John,
    Did you buy all 8 gigs of memory as one complete set or are you using different pairs?
  35. one complete set, and i always have the above mentioned ^ unhidden.

    my ram is 4 X 2 GB 800 mhz corsair
    and... no blue screen last night
  36. small update, blue screen has not triggered yet, running an extra program that i have had running during each blue screen (real temp monitoring)
  37. Well maybe your computer and/or Windows is done throwing its little temper tantrum and won't give you any more problems lol
  38. i can dream lol.
  39. Issue solved for now, Please close thread
    Issue has not reoccured since 29-10-11
  40. Good deal. What did you actually do to resolve the problem so far?
  41. nothing except for zone alarm update from the tech i spoke to... maybe the update fixed it. no clue really.... also... SKYRIM IS AMAZING! just got off a 4 1/2 hour stint on it after release
  42. Sweet, congrats on hopefully a final resolution to your problem. Enjoy SKYRIM :D
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