Help needed. Computer slows down when streaming videos

Have a new build I put together and double checked everything. For some reason, whenever I stream videos on like youtube or in full screen, my computer gets slowed down and it remains slow until I restart. Only then would the slowdowns be resolved. The slowdowns come in at around a litle after 30 seconds of viewing the video. For the initial 30 seconds, it's good and clear.

I tested out playing a HD 720p video on windows media player in full screen, and I was able to watch it from start to end without any slowdowns so it's definitely not my GFX card which is a 5770.

I'm running an i5 750, 4gb of crucial ram, 5770, and more than enough power running this machine.

It seems only streaming videos cause this problem. Does anyone have any clue what's going on? Even a speculation would be nice. I'm lost what to do next.
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  1. When your PC slows down, close every window and press Alt-Ctrl-Delete and see what processes consume the most CPU power and memory usage. It can help you find which program is the reason for the slowdowns.
  2. Some speculation...

    Could be the internet connection. Could be the media player you are using. Could be that particular NIC.
  3. I've tried checking which program may be slowing me down but it stays at a steady 1gb from windows start up till the moment the slowdowns begin to the point where I can no longer use the computer unless I restart. Having 4 gb of ram, I don't think using up 1gb steady is going to cause slowdowns unless one sticks maybe faulty?
    Are crucial memory known to be faulty anywhere?

    And I have many other computers and laptops connected to the same router. It's definitely not the connection since I get upwards to 19mbps download.
    can't be the media players because it happens to any site I may want to stream videos in fullscreen.

    My guess is it's either hardware or software but I don't know which. I'm pretty new to building.
  4. Have the latest mobo, chipset, gpu, and audio drivers?
  5. Yes, sir! I made sure I had up to date drivers for everything that's why it's so puzzzling
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