You just plugged/unplugged a device in the audio jack... Sound also sw


I think I am in the correct place to ask for help, but i'm not really sure. All I know is my RealTek Sound system is driving me insane and I need some help.

I have a HP pavillion laptop running on win XP. I'm using headphones for sound in home and office too. Everything work fine till last night and i see RealTek Sound Manager window keeps popping up saying that 'a jack has been unplugged' and again that 'you just plugged a device into a audio jack'. Along with that headphones sound also switching off and on.

sound just switching from headphones to laptop speakers.

Something has changed and I don't know what it is.

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  1. Your headphones might be going bad, or the jack is going bad. Try another set of headphones to diagnose which is the problem.
  2. Headphones are fine. I tried changing multiple Headphones but the problem is still there. Sound still switching.

    I Also done updating the RealTek Sound driver to latest one but no success. :(
  3. Then your jack is bad :(
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