OC Core2Duo E4400

Hello everyone,im new here so i go straight to problem.
I wanna OC my proc.(2.00Gzh) but my motherboard wont let me go more than 2.30Ghz.
If i put Bus speed more than 230, (multi is x10) i got this message "A 200Mhz system bus
processor is installed. This processor is not supported on this motherboard and it will
run on reduced speed"
Idk what to do... I wanna get it to 3.0Ghz.
I have stock cooler,but i will upgrade it soon.

My Spec: Motherboard-ECS 945 PL-A (on box says OC supported)
Processor-Core2Duo E4400 2.00Ghz
Ram:3gb ddr2 (Diffrend brads)
Psu:420W Lc power
Graphic card: Sapphire 4850
Hdd:80Gb Baracuda
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  1. Your motherboard probably supports Multiplier overclocking, and limits FSB overclocking.
    If it won't let you do it there is very little you can do without changing cpu/mainboard
  2. U sure? i mean i can geti it to 2.5Ghz with ClockGen but i wanna clock it trough bios cuz its safe
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