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So I have my 2 primary rigs. My i5 I was running my 4890 and it was performing very well. In my PII X3 720 I run crossfired 4770's. The results are pretty close as far as performance and I admit the 2 cards cost me about $40 more than my single 4890 (The 4890 I snagged for $180 while the 2 4770's cost me about $220-ish). And I was just wondering if I was the odd man out here as far as folks that run crossfire?

I don't see many people running twin 4770's like I do and I don't really understand why not. I mean I know the fanboi's will say to run something like the GTS 250 (which I have one, and its OK) or save the money and get a GTX 260 or maybe now a days a 5000 series ATI. But I actually like my crossfire X cards. I just hate I can't use them on my i5 since it has the p55a chipset and only one 16X and one 4X PCIE slots.

But I just was wondering if I was the odd man out, or if anyone else runs this configuration? Also I will note I use the XFX centrifugal type cooler. Not the cheaper Asus or HIS coolers that use just a heatsink on the GPU.
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  1. I would say that you are sort of the odd man out and at the same time you are not. Typically people recommend you buy a single powerful card over going crossfire/SLI right off the bat mainly because you wont have much of an upgrade path with two cards already taking up space in your system. Even if the two cards are cheaper and more powerful, the upgrade path plan seems to trump anything most of the time. And in that way you are the odd man out.

    However I know a few friends that have crossfire cards and have seen many people here in the forums with crossfire cards, so its not that unusual.
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