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I have a coolermaster storm trooper case that I maybe got around 9 months ago, probably less, and the top 20cm fan has started to make a clicking noise, so I figured its only a matter of time until it goes bad, and wanted to replace it. I'm a little disappointed by the amount of time that it lasted. My computer is on for some extended periods of time, so I'm looking for a fan with ball bearings at least, if not fluid dynamic. The other thing I was considering was that the 20cm fan almost doesnt fit in its slot, I can't really explain it, here's a picture.
So, the question is, should i go the easy/cheap route and get another coolermaster megaflow, or go for 2 12cm fans?
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  1. Are you able to get a thicker fan in that spot that is still a 200mm or mod for a 180mm This is one I am considering to replace my corsair 200mm fans when they die it is 180 x 32 but has good cfm and static pressure for a large fan.
  2. I'll try to get into the case tonight and measure if a 180mm fan would fit, and not be blocked on the edges like the 200mm. If it is, I'll probably opt for some 120mm fans, as it seems like it would effect the airflow a lot.
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