GIGA mobos reduce PCI E lanes to 8x , what about ASUS ?

Hi people , as peolpe say :
ASUS mobos dont touch the VGA PCI e lanes when they have USB 3.0 , BUT GIGA mobos Reduce PCIE LANE to 8x ( which means slows done the VGA card )

I dont know it means that ASUS make VGA cards work faster ? but Because GIGABYTE mobos reduce PCIE LANES they make VGA cards work slower

Questions about ASUS & GIGA MOBOS are these: they make difference in Performance of VGA cards
2. if yes , then , when does that Performance Drop happens ? while using USB 3.0 ?

3. after all , which one makes better place for VGA cards , & let them to fully get used ?( for example ATI 5850 ) .
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  1. Hi.

    1- For Crossfire or SLI u won't say any performance difference when the umlti GPU is do it @x8.
    2- When this happen u can't use USB 3.0 since is downgrade to USB 2.0 but the multi GPU performs the same
    3- Both are very good and that problem only happen with some old mobo revision but not with all, just get the best specifications for ur budget.
  2. ok here s the thing :
    1.I gonna use ONLY one 5850 , so do i gonna see difference ?
    2.i choosed these mobos based on the Budget that i planed for new rig , are they good ? which of them ?

    1. GA P55A UD3
    2. ASUS - P7P55D-E
    3. GA-P55A-USB 3

    Just cant go for more expensive , & performance of VGA is too important , Please help me get beast of them , & tell me how much is the difference between each of them ( by saying this i mean that these 3 mobos are to similar or too much difference ? )
  3. There's no way to properly answer your questions as stated; you need to compare similar Architectures {1366, 1156, AM3}. This is not what Gigabyte or ASUS decided amongst themselves, it is a chipset architectural disparity issue.

    So which Architecture are you comparing H/W implementation? And then know the choices are based upon chipset.
  4. 1- Yeah since u only plan use a single GPU the USB 3.0 is only affected when u use Crossfire or SLI and not with a single GPU.
    2- I'd go with the ASUS for quality and features.
  5. 1.Ok i got answer 1 , but didnt undertand u mean if i use USB 3.0 giga mobo i better use SLI & if i get single VGA card then i will see performance hit or something ?

    2, answer two is accepted , what about the difference between those 3 mobos , do those 2 mobos have MUCH difference with ASUS mobo ?
  6. let me CLEAR this , is this right ?
    Single VGA + GIGA USB 3.0 Mobo = bad working
    DUAL VGA card + GIGA USB 3.0 mobo = good working
    Single or Dual VGA + USB 3.0 ASUS mobo = good working
  7. 1- I mean that USB 3.0 isn't affected when u use a single GPU independent of the mobo Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI or other one.
    2- Not really much, but the ASUS has more PCI slot and better phases power regulation for the CPU and NB that the Gigabyte.

    Now regarding to the 2nd post.

    1- Sigle VGA + Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI or other USB 3.0 = Works without problems.
    2- Dual VGA + Gigabyte USB 3.0 = Could be affected, depends of the mobo specifications and revision of it.
    3- Dual VGA + ASUS USB 3.0 = Works without problem
  8. This is all interesting, but not really correct. As I attempted to illuminate earlier you need to pick (1) chipset to have any form of coherent discussions on "How PCIe bandwidth is scaled or splits PCIe bandwidth with USB 3 or SATA3 and how it is effected." Also, even a GTX 480 doesn't saturate an x8.

    Socket + Chipsets:
    1366 {X58}
    1156 {P55, H55, H57, Q57}
    AM3 {890GX, 890FX, 880G, 870, 790GX, 790FX, 790X, 785G, 770, 760G, 740G + GeForce 7025, nForce 630a, nForce 520LE}

    ANS - The least effected is the X58/1366, next 1156 {all have some form of shared bandwidth and different/available scalings}, and last the AM3 {similar in many ways to the 1156}.

    Regarding, "VGA" GPUs I tend to prefer either EVGA or ASUS, and occasionally MSI. EVGA keeps to nVidia's {spec} building the best overall.

    X58 3-WAY {x16/x8/x8}; typical ASUS + EVGA // 3-WAY {x8/x8/x8} Gigabyte + MSI

    However, the following scaling link is very illuminating -
  9. Ok thanks alot , u know , i can choose ASUS mobo but I realy Realy dont know if i gonna lose something from GIGA mobos or not .

    SO ur saying that i gonna be fine with both ASUS & GIGA mobos if i only plan to use SINGLE 5850 . NO ?

    In some parts u say that single vga will work fine with ASUS GIGA & MSI ( just like they have no difference for 5850 working shape ) But in some part u say that ASUS is better , i realy wanna know if ASUS doesnt Reduce lanes to 8X & keeps it to 16 , it takes something else ( do worse thing )

  10. Thanks , can u say what i gonna lose if i gonna have to go for GIGA ( budget Limitaion ) , i realy wanna get most Abilities , best speed & performance , fast transfer rate & full VGA & CPU usage with no Performance drop .

    i dont know if reducing to 8X is big matter or not ?!?!
  11. ANY of the MOBO are perfectly GOOD with ONE GPU. You can pretty much do it blind folded; I still prefer ASUS for 1156 or EVGA for 1366; both are great for OC. The ASUS ADDS an extra +2 Phases for power.

    The scaling speaks for itself, and the FASTER the CPU + RAM = HIGHER FPS.
  12. Thanks a lot , just last thing : what if i dont OC , CF , SLI ?
    u know why i like GA P55A UD3 because it has Gigabyte 333 Onboard Acceleration
    , & i think its great technology , Does ASUS Mobo have that abilities or similar ?

    I realy wanna get Best Possible option from those 3 , & think ASUS is good , but i should first make sure it is faster & better than UD3 . if it is then i will go for ASUS for SURE .
  13. WHICH ONE HAS MORE Feature , options , abilities ? remember i wanna use ATI 5850 & i5 760 2.8GHZ , I need good MATCH with them too .
  14. ASUS is better for OC and like jaquith says has 2 phases power more that means better power regulation and better OC.
  15. Here are 3 good ASUS MOBOs to compare that seem appropriate -|13-131-621^13-131-621-TS,13-131-620^13-131-620-TS,13-131-601^13-131-601-TS

    If you want the "kitchen sink" then ASUS P7P55D-E Pro. Keep in mind there is NOT a gigantic savings between X58 and P55; if someone is getting a loaded P55 system I'd rather them get a slightly lesser X58....'my thoughts.'
  16. I cant go with PRO , its expensive , i cant go higher than ASUS P7P55D-E or P55 USB 3.0 or P55 UD3 . its MAX budget i can pay for MOBO , because rest of things or on the way for NEW RIG .
  17. The {ASUS P7P55D-E} is part of my list above (link), and supports CF, USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s.
  18. ^The P7P55D-E only support Crossfire @x4 that is the same that has a single GPU.
  19. Hey, it's not my #1 choice, scaling -

    I love Maybach & Bugatti - but I don't drive one.
  20. U know i think that GIGA has more abilities ( as i compared them ) from technology .
    What do u think ?

    GA P55A USB 3.0 or GA P55A UD3 ? Just say a name ( little reason would help )
  22. I don't currently recommend any Gigabyte MOBO except the UD9, but if I had to choose then GA-P55A-UD3 only because of the SATA3 {essentially the only reason}, and hopefully you don't require FireWire. Also, as stated above, the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro or GA-P55A-UD4P.

    Also, if you will NEVER CF then that opens up a much larger selection, my preference is SLI as the better choice for a multi-GPU configuration.

    I personally would prefer the GTX 470 over the HD 5850 in most circumstances. I have a CF and SLI setup and "I can never learn" myself - but the ATI's H/W {stability, lifespan, drivers, etc} is inferior to that of the nVidia {my years of experience with both}.

    My opinion both the GTX 470 ≈ HD 5850. Further, I prefer PhysX games so there's no other choice but the nVidia. To complicate it more NOT all GTX 470 or HD 5850 identical and you SHOULD read the spec fine print!
    Scaling article -,2742-10.html

  23. First : 10 games using physX & i think that ATI will handle as good as Nvidia in those games
    Second: i am using 1440 REZ , so i dont think i will need more than 5850
  24. I dont think that this question gonna have a good answer so i just gonna ask it :

    Can GA-P55A-UD3 run Vga cards at 16X ( is it able )to run at 16X for example 5850 ? ) because if single 5850 runs at 8X it will have a difference with 16X runed 5850 .
  25. First, PhysX is an nVidia only option -

    Next, "The PCIEX16 slot operates at up to x4 mode when ATI CrossFireX is enabled." Single GPU - "*1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x16 (PCIEX16)" Yes, you'll loose some FPS in CF, as far as how much; review the article again and find a similar or same games you play.

    The following example is a GTX 480 {x4, x8, x16}; faster GPU:
  26. Ok ok , Question was this , just answer : i Heard that if i USe SINGLE 5850 then 8X to 16X is to Diffrente . so its to important to me to know that my mobo will run it at 16X & will let it to fully get used & showed UP . CAN GA P55A UD3 run it at 16X ?

    IF not then suggest me similar MOBO which has same or lower price & can run it at 16X . please !!!
  27. 8Vidia said:
    Ok ok , Question was this , just answer : i Heard that if i USe SINGLE 5850 then 8X to 16X is to Diffrente . so its to important to me to know that my mobo will run it at 16X & will let it to fully get used & showed UP . CAN GA P55A UD3 run it at 16X ?

    IF not then suggest me similar MOBO which has same or lower price & can run it at 16X . please !!!

    On a SINGLE GPU = x16; ANS Yes.

    On Two (2) GPUs = x4; ANS No.
  29. Can u say which one of these Producers of MOBOS , use NEW technology which make PCI lanes ( slots ) run COOLER & FAST ER?
    ASUS or GIGA , which one has that technology ? lets say on this models if not just say ASUS or GIGA ?

    ASUS P7P55A E or GA P55A UD3
  30. ^ That's a new one, they are both running the same 'technology' - ASUS has less of a problem managing heat than Gigabyte {my experience}. The 'new' technology coming 'soon' is PCI3 3.0; effectively doubles the speed of PCIe. Is that what you are referring to by "NEW technology"?

  31. Ya something like that , I realy dont know which one is better finaly , as i saw GIGA has more abilities & technologies , some peolpe say GIGa & other Say ASUS , GA P55A UD3 & P7P55A e ASUS have too similar specification , & if we want to compare & know which one is better at all , we should take a look at the Technology . But away , isnt new Mobo PCI slots 2.0 Version ? & which mobos will have 3.0 version , When , how much theire prices will be , does it worth to wait till they come out

    PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS , not just one , that i wont ask same question 100 time , THANKS
  32. 1) Current specification is PCIe 2.0 x16

    2) PCIe 3.0 specifications are to be finalized later this year and after that you'll be looking at another 3 to 6 months for them to hit the market. All board makers will move to PCIe 3.0 at sometime.

    3) No, it isn't worth the wait as current cards don't saturate the current bandwidth.

    4) Expect to pay higher than current prices until it becomes more main-stream & every board has it.
  33. First, I personally won't choose either MOBO. My preference for ANY Intel is EVGA, and then ASUS, next MSI and dead last Gigabyte. And I did say, "ASUS has less of a problem managing heat than Gigabyte" - so I don't know WHAT I'm MISSING???!

    All of these MOBO are PCIe 2.0, exception EVGA P55 FTW SLI | 132-LF-E657-KR PCIe 2.1.

    Out of the mix I only can recommend the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro, and after that then neither of the (2) MOBOs would I recommend. I know you're making a regrettable mistake over $30 USD.

    Personally, I like the EVGA P55 FTW SLI | 132-LF-E657-KR, but I'd settle with the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro. I would NOT build off either the ASUS P7P55D-E or GA-P55A-UD3. Gigabyte has known H/W issues with the Intel chipsets. I see 10:1 Gigabyte unresolvable problems to ASUS in this forum.

    Further, PCIe "temps" is an non-issue with either Gigabyte or ASUS; ASUS overall runs cooler.

    PCIe 2.x vs PCIe 3.x - According to you, and the $30 decision, I seriously doubt that you would spend the extra $50+ to $100 for the PCIe 3.x, and if you did with (1) or (2) CF mid-level GPUs then you'd be totally wasting your $!

    What more
  34. The point you are missing is that your GPU will barely if even saturate x4 PCIe, not to mention x8 and FORGET about the x16 - not even a dent!

    In BOTH posts you are arguing over nothing. Now IF you through in 3/4-WAY GTX 480 OC then it would be something else to discuss!
  35. U can answer in next thread JAQUITH , & the other answer is : so if it doesnt worth to wait till PCi 3.0 comes up then i can easly buy one of those mobos .

    I think they are good if i do this things : SLI
    2.NO CF
    3. no overclocking
    4.using single 5850 at 16X under 1440 rez

    according to my needs say which one is better from those 2, please . finaly answer the CORRECT QUESTION ,
  36. Who wnats to get GTX 480 ? me ? oh man come on look more carefully , & say why Single 5850 cant run at 16X on 16X pcie slot ? JUST A SINGLE 5850 i am talking about , NO CF , SLI UnDERSTANDx1000 ?
  37. You've got the same questions spread across now 3 posts...

    See the Analogies.
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