Why would my monitor hooked up through vga not recieve a signal but my tv hooked

so i had my computer hooked up to my hd monitor through vga and all of a sudden today it kicked out and the monitor just keeps saying no signal and it goes to sleep. i hooked up my computer to my tv through hdmi and the signal and speed are fine. my friend said it could be the power cord to my monitor but the power light is still on when i turn on the monitor and when it goes to sleep it still turns yellow so i would think it would have to be the cable. Has anyone had any experience with this?
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  1. Sounds like either the VGA port on the card is somehow dead or the monitors VGA port is dead.

    Do you have another computer you could hook up to your monitor through VGA to see if it works?
    Do you have a DVI port on your graphics card that you could use an adapter to VGA to see if it works?
    Do you have another VGA monitor to hook up to your card to see if it works?
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