GIGA reduce PCIE Lanes to 8x , but ASUS Doesnt ? Please dont Close it.

Hi guys , i heard that ASUS USB 3.0 mobos & GIGA USB 3.0 mobos difference is this :

ASUS doesnt touch the Graphic Slot PCIE lanes
BUT GIGABYTE reduce it to 8X for USB 3.0

It means that ASUS that let VGA card use Whole 16X is better than GIGA that reduce to 8X ?
IS it happen allways or only when using USB 3.0 ports in both MOBOS ?

AFTER all , do they Effect on VGA Performance BY chanign PCIE lanes to 8X or let it to be 16 X ?

Which one is better for Full use of GRAPHIC CARD like ATI 5850 ? PLEASE EXPLAIN

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  1. You woudlnt notice a performance differnece between 8x and 16x with a PCI-E 2.0 slot with a ATi Radeon 5850, maybe when using a Radeon 5970. At most you will lose 1-2 FPS if any. Choose the motherboard which has the features you want.
  2. Can you link your motherboard you are talking about?

    I only know of the first releases of Gigabyte USB 3.0 boards that were effected by a Cossfire/SLI setup only (single was just fine). They would drop down to 2.0 studs at that point. Their current newer boards are not effected like by this now.
  3. These are mobos that i stuck to choose them for 5850 & i5 760 .

    1. GA P55A UD3
    2. ASUS - P7P55D-E
    3. GA-P55A-USB 3

    I only stick with ASUS & GIGABYTE , i removed 4. MSI P55A-GD65 from list , because MS motherboards BAD QUality , just tell me which of those mobos are great ? & after that Compare GIGA USB 3.0 & UD 3 ( 1 & 3 ) . thanks
  4. Out of that group... I would do the ASUS - P7P55D-E

    Here is a side by side comparison of all of three... Newegg Comparison
  5. Thanks , can u say what i gonna lose if i gonna have to go for GIGA ( budget Limitaion ) , i realy wanna get most Abilities , best speed & performance , fast transfer rate & full VGA & CPU usage with no Performance drop .

    i dont know if reducing to 8X is big matter or not ?!?!
  6. Reducing to x8 will not make a difference. Just like Snipergod87 said, even using a super powerful card like an ARI 5970, you would barely notice the difference. With my 6870 at 16x and at 8x, I noticed no difference at all. Same FPS, same marks in 3DMark06, same score in Unigine Heaven Benchmark.

    Bottom line, no difference between 8x and 16x.
  7. Uv got 6870 ??? it hasnt been released yet ? how , how did u buy it , where are u from ? & Thanks for INFO .
  8. In canada haha, was released over the weekend if I'm not mistaken. Got it from a local computer shop and I'm running it in x8 mode right now due to how the slots work on my motherboard. Runs like a dream and out-performs my super overclocked dual 5750 setup.
  9. Good , will 5850 be useless after 6000 Comes here too ? i mean if i get 5850 i will be Disappointed ? because i am using 1440 rez & i think 5850 is enough .
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