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I am somewhat computer challenged and I discovered a drive that is apparently online and is denying me access nor am I able to edit the permissions. Also, how do I attach a file to my message, I don't see a prompt for attachments. Thanks in advance for any help provided.
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  1. If you are an admin on the machine and it is denying you access to the files (I'm assuming this is Windows) try taking ownership of the files (Right click, properties, security, advanced, owner) and once you are the owner give yourself the permissions you want.
  2. Is this PC part of a domain? If so, some aspects of access control and permissions may have been locked down by Group Policy; you'll need to talk to your system administrators. Infuriating, I know, but that's how it can be.
  3. I am an administrator, that's what's so frustrating!! I have tried taking ownership and was denied and I don't know enough about domains, group policy..etc. to manage the settings. It has been my theory for some time that my computer is managed remotely, but due to my lack of computer knowledge (although I've learned a lot), I am having difficulty exposing the remote controller and am having 0 success at getting help with identifying the remote access (and all that it implies)!!!! It is hard getting help on forums if your technologically challenged:) If there is a patient individual out there who reads this and is willing to help me, I WOULD BE ETERNALLY GRATEFULL!!!!!!!
  4. If you were denied taking ownership, that means the files have permissions set from a domain and you are not an administrator on that domain although you might be on the local machine. There are ways of getting at the data but it is not an easy thing to do. My best suggestion would be to use a recover utlity such as R-Studio and treat it as a damaged drive essentially. Use a raw scan to reconstruct the file from outside of the file system and recover the data to a new file to which you can set permissions.
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