Computer randomly freezing!

Not quite sure where to post this, a mod can move it wherever need be.

Yet, my computer has randomly started freezing. Recently, I upgraded my computer with some new hardware: a new GPU, a new HDD, and a new processor. I'm posting here because the mobo is probably the biggest suspect?

^ These are all my new things.

My PSU =
My mobo = BIOSTAR Group TA790XE
RAM = 4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 400MHz (5-5-5-16)

^ Existing hardware. The Biostar TA790XE is relatively new to the system.

Whatever I'm doing and whenever I'm doing something, it grinds to a sudden halt. Literally, the sound makes a gurgling noise and everything freezes up. No ALT+Tab, no Ctrl Alt Delete, no Blue Screen of Death. My OS is Vista 64.

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  1. did you read or do this first.
    If you plan to upgrade processor from your existing unit, please update bios first before changing or upgrading processors.
  2. I didn't do that. I... had no idea.

    Would that cause the freeze? And why weren't there any problems until just suddenly 2 weeks into full fledged use?

    Also, how do I use this information?
  3. The computer doesn't freeze in safe mode.


    The amount of time it takes for it to come to a grinding halt in normal windows has decreased, now taking <1 minute every time. Additionally, it has yet to lock up on me if I just leave it sitting at the windows login screen. It only freezes after I get to the desktop.
  4. Uninstall your graphics drivers in add/remove
    Download Driversweeper and run in safe mode
    Analyse and clean all graphics files
    re-install latest gpu drivers from Nvidia

    You could also download Memtest+86 and check your ram one stick at a time for errors.
    If you have no errors make sure your ram is set-up to vendor specs in your bios.
    Improper dram voltage will cause instability.
    I'm just suggesting simple tests to eliminate components.
  5. Interesting observations in the last hour:

    1) Safe mode with Networking works fine.
    2) Uninstalling GPU drivers and putting old 9800 GT card back into computer and launching to the desktop worked fine.
    3) Uninstalling the GT and putting the GTX 460 back in worked fine. In the middle of installing the GPU drivers off the CD, it crashed at the normal desktop.
    4) Uninstalled everything all over again and right now I'm typing here in Safe Mode Networking. The GTX 460 drivers just installed and I'm about to reboot. Also downloaded & saved drivers from the Zotac website for video card drivers to try next just in case.
  6. Update: Worked for about 5 minutes, then it crashed once I tried to launch FFXIV. After that it crashed instantly after login and one more try it crashed before the windows logo loaded for me to enter my password. Not sure what to do now, but it definitely seems like it has something to do with drivers and the new GPU.
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