Display Problem on Samsung 2233SW

Hi, I recently(2 days back) got a Samsung 2233SW 22 inch LCD monitor. I have a problem with the graphics . The colors and graphics appear as if the settings are set to 256 colors. I can see while patches in photos and videos. Even while booting (before OS is loaded) the background is green instead of black. When set to solid black wallpaper, it looks green. But the text in notepads or on websites is black.

I am running the native resolution of 1920x1080 at 32bit color quality with 60Hz, but I have this problem at all resolutions.

My PC config is Nvidia 680i SLI Mother Board, with Intel core 2 duo e6850 (3Ghz) processor and Nvidia 8600 GT 512 MB graphics card, running XP and windows 7 RC. I have connected the monitor using the VGA cable.

I have all the latest drivers installed(checked Nvidia website). I have even installed the samsung monitor driver available on their site in XP but in Windows 7 RC i get a message "can't open monitor driver, please check the monitor driver or cd". So I had to install monitor driver in Win 7 through windows update. But still the display and colors look horrible. I tried the auto adjustment button given on the monitor and also reset the monitor but to no use.

Is it the monitor problem or just some settings problem. I have registered a complaint with Samsung and they are sending their service engineer today.
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  1. Might have a loose connection on your VGA cable/ bent pin. If the graphics card works with another monitor and you plug in your Samsung and its all weird colors then Id guess somethings wrong with the monitor.
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