EP45T-UD3LR + 2X2GB DDR3 + Q9550 + HIS 5770 ICEQ5 TURBO is Bottleneck?

Im Sorry Before.. My English Too Bad..

I Want To Ask,

I have Mobo Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR, My RAM 2x2GB DDR3, My VGA HIS HD 5770 IceQ 5 Turbo, and My Processor Intel Q9550..

My Question is Whether My CPU Have Bottlenecking?

Thanks Before and After..
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  1. With a single 5770 I doubt the Q9550 is creating a bottleneck for you. You can certainly try OverClocking the CPU above the 2.8Ghz stock speed and see if your benchmark results increase (for example with 3dMark06 or similar). If your GPU scores increase just because of a CPU OverClock then it was holding you back.

    For general gaming purposes, the only reason that CPU would hold you back with a single 5770 would be in cases where a particular game is very CPU demanding.
  2. You're fine.
  3. 5770 is roughly equivalent to a 4870. I doubt your cpu will cause any significant bottlenecking to occur.
  4. @jerreece I never OC the CPU.. how to OC the CPU?

    @Raidur & logainofhades So my CPU is safe from bottleneck right?

    Thanks for the answer..
  5. Unless the game is very cpu intensive, you are fine.
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