H55m-d2h no beep

Hello, i jus setup my new computer brand new. everything seems in check, the computer starts normally and has no erros, but i do not hear a beep, is this normal? also on startup 3 lights on the motherboard light up green red and i think yellow, they go away at the windows startup screen. Is this a problem?
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! First thing to do is check your motherboard thoroughly. Look for a speaker (usually black and cylindrical-dime-sized-diameter) already attached to your motherboard. If you find it, and it's not working, I strongly recommend replacing the speaker.

    If you don't see one, you should get one.
  2. srry for the long reply thanks for everyone that posted. i found out the problem, was the ram, got it replaced! THANSK AGAIN! great forum
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