HDMI capable graphics card for a slim profile dell dimension C521

i am looking into upgrading my dell dimension C521. all the graphics cards i have looked at seem to be either too large for my case or with the fan in such a position as to interfere with existing components inside my computer. has anyone found a Gcard that fits the slim profile C521 that has an HDMI port?
any help is much appreciated as this is my first endeavor in PC building.
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  1. use the low profile bracket that comes with the card for your HDMI

  2. ^+1

    Currently I use a low profile Radeon 4650 in my XPS 210 and it works fine even with the punny 275W PSU.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. i had no idea that you could even change the plate on graphics cards. pc is running better than ever with an nvidia 9500 gt and +2 gigs of ddr and i feel like a manly man being able to install it myself ;P

    thanks again for taking the time to help a tru noob.
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