H55m-d2h Motherboard No beep and lights

i just built a new computer everything seems in check, and it starts up normally, however there is no beep, and also there are bright lights on the motherboard that light up during startup i think its red,green and yellow? they go away at the windows loading screen tho, are all these normal?

windows 7 ultimate 64
4gb ddr3 ram gskill dual channel
i5 760 quad 2.8gz
500w power supply
9800gt 1gb
500gb hardrive
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  1. Some newer boards don't beep; all require a case speaker lead or tiny speaker that is plugged in to 4 pins on the board. The speaker port on the back doesn't work for the board, only external speakers. If windows loads to the login screen, you are fine. Don't worry about the flashing lights. My board has 4, all red that flash in a certain order. If the board won't post and the lights stay on, then you can troubleshoot using the board manual.
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