I might have done something really stupid... Help !

As I said in a previous post, I recently ordered a new computer from Newegg. Despite being kind of a computer noob, I felt fairly confident in my ability to build a computer using the parts I ordered.

I didn't receive the parts yet, but I just realized I might have made one big mistake. After reading some random things about assembling new builds on the internet, I came across a discussion about CPUs, motherboards and bios versions. It would seem that not all CPUs will work on a motherboard right out of the box. If I understand correctly what I've read on Gigabyte's official website, my motherboard (GA-770TA-UD3), did not support my processor (Athlon II X3 450) until bios version F4. Now that doesn't sound really good...

What exactly is going to happen if I try to boot using my X3 450 ? Don't tell me I'll be stuck without any means to update... I don't have a spare AMD CPU. :cry:
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  1. Depends on the MOBO -- in most cases even if the MOBO does not specifically support the CPU it will still be able to run (just will list the CPU as an Unknown CPU) in which case you can then flash the BIOS to a newer version than F4 so that it will then support the CPU fully -- in some situations the new CPU will be different enough from those supported that it will not even start (doesn't happen often but can occur) in which case you will need to borrow a CPU that is supported and Flash to F4 before changing to the new CPU. Another scenario would be that the MOBO you receive already has been flashed to at least F4 and you'll be fine from the start with no need to flash the BIOS. (so will have to wait until you get the parts to know for sure !

    In any case testing the CPU to see if it works should not do any damage to the MOBO or CPU since it will be the proper socket type so there shouldn't be a problem with the pin layout causing any shorts - so it will not hurt either to put it together to test if it will run .
  2. Ideal situation is you receive the board with the current BIOS.

    Another situation is that you board boots as an unsupported CPU and you can boot and update the BIOS.

    Worse case situation is that it won't boot and you contact Gigabyte for direction on how to flash your BIOS. It could be done with current system / setup or might take a return to Gigabyte to be updated.

    It is not a lost... there are ways to correct the situation :)
  3. With only Athlon II x3 as your concern, I'd say not to worry to much. It would be a whole different story if you ordered a Phenom II X4. Then you can run around the house screaming... :lol: It's a joke.

    I'd say it's most likely a non-issue, BIOS updates usually have been done by the manufacturer, assuming it's manufactured after the Athlon II X3 is launched. Even if it's, say, an old stock motherboard, an easy BIOS update is always available as an option.

    Makes me grateful not having to live at the time where corrupted BIOS update can permanently damage the motherboard. What a relief... :D
  4. Just pray that you'll be getting F4 one :) If not, then you can sack the forum again to snack how to flash the BIOS.
  5. Do not worry, I've ordered the same mobo and a newer cpu and it worked like a charm.

    If I was you, I would have ordered an x4 instead of an x3 ... x3's are defect x4's ...

    I think it's like 15-20 $ more but it worth it.

    Anyways, x3's are fully functionnal and perform quite well so no biggy here :)
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