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Hi all i hope this is the correct section &i'm not imposing.I wanting to buy a prebuilt gaming rig that'll max out crysis at 1920x1080 very high 45fps 1600x1200 4aa/4af 45+.My budget is 2.5 i feel this is enough i've looked at the titan viper on overclockers uk,the ultima vanquish,the dreadnought been told to hook these sysyems up with a 5870 or gtx 480.On the other hand cyberpower administrator tells me to go with their black pearl shove in a couple of 480sCF to this or put 2 5870s into the i7 pheonix.With these 2 systems costing £3100 after i've added a monitor keyboard etc,is this the price to pay to max crysis out in 2010?I'd be saving over a grand with the titan viper similarily with other overclockers.Could someone please help with their much needed experience as i don't want to be wasting money:)
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  1. Go DIY. A PC that can play Crysis can be had for ~ $2500.
  2. ^ +1

    Build it yourself.
  3. ^ +2 Build it yourself
    Its not as hard as you might think
  4. Thanks guys but i've never had a desktop before only a laptop for the last few years.I don't see myself building a high end gaming machine with completely no experience whatsoever but thanks anyway:)you see i live in glasgow theirs only pc world which sell overpriced nonsense,that's why i'm drawn to cyberpower overclockers for a gaming rig as they're preoverclocked with i7 cpu@4ghz &top gpu.On the other hand a friend of mine who lives in harris who's built in the past who recentyl bought prebuilt system suuggest other than buying prebuilt i could as creative computing a shop not so far to walk to,that they make 1 for me.Maybe you could list all the parts for me here to max crysis out i go give it to them:)?
  5. If you do a bit of research there is no reason why you can't build it. We can give you parts recommendations and all you need is to know how to put it together. Have a read of this if your interested:

    Also you can order your parts from newegg.

    If you are really serious about your Crysis settings, in which case I ask why? Then the "Enthusiast - Extreme" for $2200 here is what you could be looking at:

    Heres some Crysis benchmarks with a 5970 for you:,2474-8.html

    Hope that helps.
  6. +3 Build it yourself

    There are good guides here on the site and the peeps from the forum will advise you if you run into any difficulties.
  7. DIY machine always end up better and cheaper than prebuilt machine.
    - Parts are better. Its whatever you choose goes(model, brand, etc) to your machine
    - Warranty is a lot better ( 5yrs for drive, 3 yrs for cpu, 3 yrs for mb, lifetime for gpu, 5 yrs for PSU) compare to the 1 year standard warranty of pre-built machine.
    - BIOS that will allow you to tweak settings to your satisfaction Unlike the limited BIOS of branded PC who are trying to protect its name

    With respect to Desktop PC i never own a pre-built machine. I always build my own.

    There is plenty of help and guide from the different sites.

    Good luck
  8. Hey we all started some place bud, like i said its no as hard as you might think and you can allways come here for help.
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