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Hi, I have Creative I-Trigue 3300 speakers 2.1 running through an AUX cable straight to my motherboards on-board sound card. Whenever I turn the speakers up halfway and above, there appears to be some kind of static interference noise level and it's quite irritating. Would buying a soundcard to sit in the PCI slot solve this problem?

Or any other suggestions?

Even when the speakers are 'idle' and no sound is playing, the static noise can still be heard and it crackles too.

Any ideas?
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  1. Does it sound like small crackings. Like small noices going to it? This could be because of water damage.

    Hope that helps.
  2. No to both of your suggestions..
    Another thing i've noticed is when the speakers are up at a higher volume, when I move the mouse cursor across the screen, move windows or even scroll through a page, it makes a noise also. I can't describe this noise.. But it is sure annoying!
  3. Try moving the speakers as far from the monitor as possible.. A dedicated sound card solves very many issues related to unwanted noise appearance at the speakers due to their high signal to noise ratios.. Also, onboard sound cards tend to pick up electrical noise from the motherboard due to their shared power architecture which gets apparent at higher volumes.. Motherboards with better power phase schemes tend to resolve this problem greatly.. But still not comparable to dedicated sound cards.. Nowadays few dedicated sound cards come with their own power plug (molex in most cases) requirements which further relinquish the electrical noise issue problems..
  4. Can you list your full system specs but from what you are describing I would suggest getting a dedicated sound card.
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