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Hello people, I was thinking about getting the corsair H60 and I am a little worried about buying it because I heard that it can leak and damage everything.Also I would like to know if it is pre-filled with liquid. I don't know if it is common or not, so does anyone know how to avoid it or if I should even worry about it. I don't plan to do any overclocking at all with my CPU. I also have another question, I accidently used a paper towel to clean my cpu and I noticed One or two pieces of lint, should I just blow it off with an air duster, or will that blow it under my cpu? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :sweat Here is the H60.
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  1. I wouldn't worry about it leaking. I have been running mine for over 1yr now with no problems.

    Yes, they are pre-filled. I run a 2500k at 4ghz and never get over 60*C in stress tests.
  2. How much should I be able to OC my i5 3570k on a Z77-DS3H MB with the h60?
  3. And also, I heard that there is a problem with the H60 that it rattles and Stuff, is it common?

    P.S anyone know about a good software for overclocking? thx
  4. Get a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. It performs on par with the H60 at a much lower cost and noise ratio.

    This is also fun:

    You can't adjust Vcore on that board, so I wouldn't even bother trying to OC.
  5. Ok cool, But holy crap thats scary. Is there a better water cooler that wont explode. I couldn't find any incident of leaking on the Antec h20 620. Is that better? Also I have the 212 evo, but the backplate pushes the back of my case and bends it. The backplates for liquid cooling look a lot thinner. Or would the 2nd Gen H60 be better? :sweat:
  6. That can happen to any style of water cooler. Thats a very slight risk to me IMO.
    And the 212 being quieter than an H60 is a lie. If anything the H60 would be quieter or the same. I can barely tell mine is running with a push-pull setup.

    OP, I wouldn't be afraid of using the H60 in your computer. The second Gen H60s are nice due to corsair replacing the fans with a quieter and more powerful high static pressure model for the Rads.

    For your MOBO, I would go with something more like this...
    Better OC'ing, will run much cooler. This is the same board I run on my 2500k.
  7. You would be better off with that 212 EVO you already have. Performs exactly the same as the H60 at a much lower cost.

    If you want to spend your money better to solve this problem, a new case is what you want to go with.
    A H60 costs $70, so here is a good case thats cheaper than that.
    Zalman Z9+. $60 ($10 rebate)
    This way you also aren't throwing out the investment you have already put in the 212 EVO and you come out with the problem solved and a better case.
  8. Does anyone have a review that has both the H60 and the 212 evo in it? I always thought the H60 was a bit better based on this the evo is only a bit better than the 212 evo. The frostytech database puts the h60 about 5c hotter than the 212+ which i found weird while the 212 evo was only 1-2c cooler than the 212+. I went for the h60 because it was on sale for the same as the 212 evo.

    EDIT: sorta jacked the thread but if you already have the 212evo you should just stick with it.
  9. The Overclockers review I linked has the H60 in it as well. The 212 EVO beat the H60 in the idle tests, coming in 1C lower in the un-overclocked bench and equal in the overclocked. The H60 beats the 212 EVO under load across the board by 1C.
    Not worth the price IMO.
  10. Ouch, wish i had found that review earlier.
    Meh for same price guess i didn't make that bad of a choice though hopefully :P
    Gotta read through the thread before i post next time :P
    I think alot is also dependant on the case you are using since different reveiws have different relative results between heatsinks.
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