i plan to upgrade to this motherboard as soon as it arrives, it will be replacing my comical foxcon motherboard, i plan to use the same cpu it is a phenom 2 x4, my question is if there is a considerable chance that if i keep everything the same except the motherboard will my windows 7 that is already on my HDD know whats going on and fix the change? ive read elsewhere that people have gotten 7 recognizing what is going on but i just wanted futher clarification, thank you for your time.
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  1. I've seen a thread about exchanging motherboard before. It turned out that it works without having to re-install the OS. But in his case, the motherboards were identical and made by the same manufacturer.

    In your case, there's a possibility that you might need to re-install the OS. The reason is mainly compatibility issues. The OS is installed for Foxconn's, while the new motherboard is MSI's. The good news is, you can try exchanging the motherboard without re-installing the OS. If you have issues, then re-install if necessary.

    Hope this helps!
  2. Yeah that is what i was thinking, thanks for the input. its worth a shot, but ill back up to make sure.
  3. Remember to change the mobo and start the computer in safe mode fully......
    This means letting it find all the new hardware and install it.
    Repeat this process about 3 times....... just to avoid a BSOD :)
    I did this a few times between my Asus M3N-HT Deluxe and MSI790FX-GD70 :)
    And they are basically totally different..... but it worked like a charm....
    So, you'll not be facing any problems........ :)
  4. man its great to hear that. hopefully i will share the same experience, sadly if this does not work i will have to invest in a copy of windows, my HD is from a store bought HP(no windows discs) so im thinking that if i have to reinstall that is my only choice ><
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    It'll work, I shifted from a 780a SB to a 750 SB , DDR2800 to DDR31600, Asus to MSI, Hitachi IDE HDD to Seagate AHCI Hdd, not to forget SLI to Crossfire.....:)
    And it still worked fine.....
    You'll Certainly not have a problem even if you do encounter an error get back to the safe mode routine and it'll all workout fine :)
  6. ok thanks, i appreciate the input.
  7. one last question, other people have commented on preemptively removing old drivers and such, should i be on this to make sure it all goes smoothly or should windows 7 replace drivers and delete old ones? can i delete the unwanted drivers afterwards?
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