GeForce 9800 gt 1024 mb =nv4_disp= blue screen HELP

I just got a new card which is geforce 9800 gr 1 gb from sparkle ,
While playing sometimes game just freez and afrer a few sec a BULE SCREEN comes up with : nv4_disp .
Any ideas ????

thats my spec

WIn xp pro 32bit
Corsair 750 W
4 gb kingstom mem
CPU E5200

HELP ! ! !

Aaaaa , Thats not drivers for sure !! I've tried all of them already !!! nothing so far :/ :cry:
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  1. Are u sure mate that your Card isn't faulty ??? I see that ur PCU is ok . I'll sugest to run FurMark for 24 h . then u will see what is going on with ur card . mayge this is cause by overheating . Good Luck
  2. did you use driver sweeper when testing with drivers?
  3. driver sweeper, clean the card, make sure there's good air flow to it, furmark for a good period of time....

    try installing a temperature meter and see if the temps are ok..
  4. one of my friends pc started bluescreening when he installed ntune, if you have that installed try to uninstall it.
  5. Ofcourse i did use driver sweaper every time and the temp is juzt perfect !! I've runed furmark for 24 h as pshemax said and nothing :/ temp is not more then 45*C.

    Any ideas ??
  6. :/ hmmm in this case your card is ok .
    there is only one more thing ,
    since u are using P5KPL/1600 it means it has G31 on board . and it may have some problems with handling some new cards , especialy 1024 mb ,
    I would consider changing mobo for something with P45. any asus P5Q with P45 should be fine .
  7. aaaa One more thing , G31 isn't good anymore for gamers :D
  8. If there is no other choice it looks like i need new Motherboard. hope this will finally solve my problem . Does anyone have other ideas ???
    for sure it is NOT : drivers(disp or chipset) , faulty card , PSU , LCD , overheating or BIOS issue .
  9. not really... suppose it will be time for mobo replacement...
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