Best Graphics Card for a 450W PSU?.

I have this PSU :

What is the best graphics card that can run on this PSU?.


PS: I was interested in this card:

But since the minimum requirement is 450W and my PSU is 450W would it run properly without power issues?.
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  1. i think you should be fine :)
  2. looks good to me.
  3. That PSU is an ok brand and supposedly has 36 amps on the +12v rails. It can easily handle something better than the HD4770 if you can afford it, like an HD5770 or even an HD5850.
  4. Also if you can't spend more this card is better and cheaper than the HD4770;
  5. +1 to both jyjjy's comments.

    Your PSU seems fine for most newer midrange graphic cards. BFG isnt known for its PSUs, but they do have a quality reputation in other areas--so I at least know they wouldnt try to sell something thats crap.

    Depending on your price availability:
    $93 w/ FREE SHIPPING ATI 4850 (A fantastic deal)

    $130ish ATI 5750 (good, but not that much better than the 4850)

    $ 150s ATI 5770

    Your choice should really depend on your monitor resolution, and what kind of performance you want to pay for.
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