Need some help deciding on new mobo

Hey all im alittle stuck on what i should do i currently have a asus rampage 3 extreme ive had it about 2 months now great mobo until i ran into some problems with my ioh overheating and ya before u ask i did do everything i could to fix the problem support said i need to rma the board so now that i have another chance to buy another mobo i was considering venturing into evga since ive always been a asus fanboy sort to speak my question is should i just replace my re3 or get maybe the evga classified 4 way sli i do plan on getting 4 gtx 480s by christmas but i have heard the evga 4 way sli is abit out dated or the new evga classified 3 any suggestions would be great.

My current setup

Intel 980x at 4.5ghz
Asus rampage 3 extreme
2 5970 crossfired
1500 silverstone psu
1866mhz ddr 3 corsair ram 6 gigs total
coolermaster haf x tower
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  1. anyone?
  2. Hi George
    Wow. that's one hardcore setup you've already got there.
    Unless you've really got a lot of money that needs spending I'd stay with your current setup and just look into some more cooling so you don't overheat again.
  3. well the ioh overheating was actually a defect in the asus rampage 3 board wich apparently alot of people have problems with interms of cooling my cpu is cooled by a corsair hydro h70 so my cpu temps are good the ioh overheating was asus fault bad paste etc etc but now that i have the option of getting a new board i was thinking of going to the evga classified 4 way sli so i can do 4 way sli next month but ive never owned a evga so im leary any suggestions?
  4. Well, I haven't got any experience neither with EVGA so personally I'd stay with ASUS.
    However, from what I've seen about the EVGA Classified it's really hardcore.
  5. EVGA Classified SR-2 is an excellent board. Just look for the reviews. And yes, it conforms to the category of hardcore, with a hefty price tag as well. The SR-2 270 cost a whopping $590. But its a dual socket motherboard, so not necessary! You can get the Classified XL model which is cheaper.
  6. Given the repeated runarounds my son is having with EVGA (factory OC'd GFX card that crashes at factory OC), I'm hesitant to recommend EVGA at this point. Card's on its 2nd RMA and each Tech Support contact results in having to go through the same "script" over and over again.

    "Are your memory timings as per manufacturer's spec ?"

    "Yes, you have my case number and your records should show that we have been there and done that". I expect we'll continue the e-mail dance for two weeks and then RMA again over and over till the warranty expires.
  7. hell_storm2004 said:
    EVGA Classified SR-2 is an excellent board.

    Definitely a great board! two xeons in here can perform really well - not to mention the lower tdp xD better effeciency :)
    Only drawback is, besides the price, that it's a HTPX form factor board. That HAF X case won't do it unless you modify it lol xD

    Anonymous said:
    Well, I haven't got any experience neither with EVGA so personally I'd stay with ASUS.
    However, from what I've seen about the EVGA Classified it's really hardcore.

    EVGA Classified 3. :lol: that's the baby i'm getting with the i7 980x as well xD. 3-way Sli + Physx. Plus has USB 3.0 + SATA III (Not like imma use em anytime soon but i like to be prepared xDD). Definitely a good good board :) (not to mention, it also has the Lifetime warranty! xD)
  8. thx ive decided to go with the evga 4 way sli so i can throw 4 gtx 480s in that beast.
  9. george go for the board on this site: linky hurr~
    The board has a $100 rebate - for a total of $279.99 for that 4-way board >:3

    I wanted to buy it - but i'm already locked on with the classified 3 xD
  10. I've "seen" the claims, but I've also solved in many instances the overheating: #1 Reason bad OC, and #2 bad RAM OC {including non spec RAM}.

    NB "fix" water -

    If you're "stuck" on a new MOBO:
    4-WAY - only other choice:
    {ONLY GA MOBO I like} - GA-X58A-UD9 -

    Unfortunately, the EVGA | 170-BL-E762-A1 is an "SLI" MOBO. I've built off the EVGA SR-2 and it will NOT run ANY i79xx {ONLY Xeon}, and you're staring at a $10-$12K+ build!
  11. ya i went ahead and ordered the evga 4 way sli was tough to get but hopefully ill be happy with it as for my r3e ive rma'd it so ill be getting another board back ill still have my r3e incase i dont like the evga board.
  12. nice x). if you don't like you can always donate to charity :) and by charity i mean me xD! :lol:
  13. lol im sure i wont have a problem with it i just ordered 4 gtx 480s to replace my 2 4870x2 it was time to get rid of those.
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