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I know the natural disaster in Thailand is a cause of that, but I think that by now the prices should be normalizing. Any other reason, and at some point do you think that it would be better to just get a SSD and hold off on the HDD till prices go down?
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  1. Cheapest 120GB SSD I saw was $100 on Newegg. You can get a 1TB for $109.
    I don't see HDD prices dropping all that much, soon and SSD's will level off in price untill HDD prices do come down some more.
  2. IF it is necessary for you to buy Hard drive then go for it because it will take about nine to ten month to Price to drop at normal level

    and if you can wait for 9 month then it's your choice

    And by the way SSD is very expensive at present so it's not good choice to buy ssd for storing data like music or video movies .

    IF you want a small size ssd then go for it

    If you want to store large data like as i mention above then buy HDD

    because per 1 GB cost difference for SSD and HDD is very big
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