Issue getting newly build PC to display on monitor.

I am attempting to build my first desktop and all my parts arrived this morning. I have been attempting to assemble/troubleshoot my issues for the last 5 hours and am at my wits end. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

When I turn the pc on, I can hear that the HDD is doing something, the fans on the case, cpu and gpu are running. All the lights on the case appear to function ok and as they should. But I get no output to my monitor at all. The PC appears to 'restart' sometimes when my monitor picks up a signal from it and changes to that input. (I see the lights turn off, fans stop, and then begin after several seconds) and then it just remains whirring away with no output.

These are the components I am using:

CPU - Intel Q9550 Core 2 Quad Proccessor - 2.83 GHz
Motherboard - ASUS 775 P5QPL-VM/EPU
RAM - Corsair 4GB 800MHz C5 DDR2 (2x 2048 sticks)
CPU cooler - stock
Video Card - ATI Radeon 4850 (but am trying with it out mostly just to get the machine up)
Power Supply - Colors-IT 750w Gold 12CM Silent Power Supply
Hard drive(s) - Seagate OEM 500GB Barracuda 7200.12
Case (for cooling issues) - Aero Cool AeroEngine II Case BBP

I have tried using all 3 outputs (HDMI, DVI and VGA) on both the onboard graphics card and my additional one. I have tried booting it with only one stick of RAM, with the additional GPU out, reset switch unplugged and run through this thread in detail. I have tried disconnecting everything that is unnessicary and using the bare minimum of connected devices. Everything is new today. Nothing has resolved my issue.
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  1. i have a fealing that its your moniter try it on a differnt or older computer and see
    oh adn btw nice build
  2. Can you test the monitor on another PC? Look for a reset on monitor. Also, try to explain the second paragraph of your post with more detail. Are you sure the monitor is getting power, when it restarts does anything show on screen. Wish I could be more help, try what I said and someone will answer it. It WILL work.
  3. The monitor was fine.

    I just needed to reset the CMOS.
  4. samph said:
    The monitor was fine.

    I just needed to reset the CMOS.

    :pt1cable: Excellent! Glad to hear it. Post some photos. Take Care and enjoy it, you lucky bugger! :pt1cable:
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