BSOD-BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER-STOP: 0x000000FE whats causing this?

Hey guys, I Have a Intel core i5 750 with OCZ Platinum DDR3 Low Voltage 1333mhz Ram, I recently Got a New 950 Watt Corsair power supply, I have also a ASUS P7P55D-E Pro Motherboard, Ok now my problem is I recently Started Getting BSOD's and Every BSOD Said Bugcode_usb_driver, I've gotten about 30 of those today, so I stumbled upon a Website and Found out this INFO -*1251.html
My Error is the "0x00000005" - "A hardware failure has occurred due to a bad physical address found in a hardware data structure. This is not due to a driver bug."
So Seeing I found that out, anyways back to the beginning, so I been getting Bsod's all day, well I said F**K it and Returned the $200 motherboard and Got a Replacement From Microcenter, I Installed Everything Correctly and Setup ALL FACTORY Stock Settings, Im Still Getting The Bugcode_usb_driver BSOD, Also Too what might help, Im Getting The BSOD WHEN INSTALLING WINDOWS!, At the Installation part when I select My HDD and It Copys the Files over, I get BSOD around that area, now that might make u and I think that it would be memory related, and thats where I come to now, I was at MANUAL settings in my Bios for All Memory Related Settings, I set my Ram to 7-7-7-20 @ 1.65volts, thats factory settings, Cpu is set at 2.6ghz factory as well and Auto for Voltage, I kept Getting BSOD's like that, also here is my Ram -
also here is my motherboard -
Ok now that I have that Squared away, I Called Asus, They Said It could be a Faulty USB Controller, SO yea I took my Motherboard back and got a replacement, long story short im still having the same issue, getting Bsod's that make me Mad!!!!, Anyways If you Wonderful People could help me fix this darn Problem I'd Be so Grateful!. Thanks - Jim
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  1. Also I just found a nifty program called Bluescreenview, I loaded my Dump File in it and it showed me - Crash List
    102610-8704-01.dmp 10/27/2010 12:46:40 AM BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER 0x000000fe 00000000`00000005 fffffa80`04b941a0 00000000`80863b34 fffffa80`053d4250 Caused By Driver-USBPORT.SYS-Caused By Address USBPORT.SYS+2de4e
  2. Blue screens are normally caused by faulty memory or buggy drivers (particularly video drivers) in your case I would suggest that the problem is memory related. Try downloading and running overnight memtest86 and report back here. Windows 7 is much more critical of the memory than XP or Vista.
  3. You could of course disable the USB devices in the BIOS and then install Windows however if the cause is faulty/incompatible memory then you will have other random problems.
  4. I've ran Memtest multiple times, It passes with no errors, im clueless...Also Put 1 stick in each slot etc
  5. You may have a resource conflict between the motherboard and any add on cards you may have such as a video card. Try removing any add on cards.
  6. yea Ive removed video cards, I currently have 2 x 465gtx's, I did use them for Sli on my motherboard when everything ran correctly, I swapped video cards, I used 1 ram stick at a time, i only have 1 hard drive plugged in which is my OCZ SSD, and a dvdrw for my windows install, I sent in a Ticket for OCZ, Gladly I have a Lifetime Warranty, But I wanna be 100% sure that its my memory before doing so, also how could my memory be the issue if the Blue screen is showing a USB Failure??
  7. also only have Keyboard Plugged in pc, no mouse is on atm, and i've swapped Keyboards as well
  8. The only other thing that it could possibly be is the power supply, have you substituted the power supply?
  9. I hope you haven't plugged the USB connector on the board into the IEEE 1394a interface , or , vice-versa.
    If so check and recheck that the connectors are not mixed....
  10. its a brand new power supply, corsair 950 watt just got it like 2 days ago, works fine, i sent in a Technical support / rma for my ram sticks, hope they get back to me within the 24 hours they say, and they will probably say its not there ram sticks causing the issue, well what else could it be? im gonna hammer this pos already spent $2000 in the past month on parts...
  11. so I put in my 550watt power supply, my pc is working flawless, im guessing the power supply has something in it that is defective, either way im RMA for replacement thru newegg, the asus guy i called earlier said this corsair could not be compatible?? i never heard of such a thing....
  12. it looks like alot of ppl are having issues with this corsair, i wonder will this -
    will that power my intel core i5 750 @4ghz and 1600mhz ram 1.65v, and 2 x evga 465 gtx overclocked and overvolted along with 2 x sata hdds in raid and a ssd, cd burner and about 8 usbs... Thanks -Jim
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