5870 with my current system - worth it?

Hi All,

Very quick question, would it be worth upgrading to a 5870 with my current system being:

Intel c2d e6600 @ 2.4ghz
2gb DDR2 RAM
Radeon 4850 1gb
Corsair 520W power supply

I cannot upgrade my ram due to my motherboard (seems slightly faulty), for the same reason I would rather not attempt to overclock my CPU as it may destroy my crappy motherboard.

Would be nice if I didn't need a new power supply as well, but that may be pushing it.

I've been pressed by my brother (who also uses my computer, and really should be contributing money to it!) to get a new system, but I'm not sure if I really need to. (I think he has ulterior motives).

I use it more heavily and play games like WoW, CoDMW2, Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2 and soon Starcraft 2.

Your thoughts?
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  1. The PSU is the best thing in there. It wouldn't need to be replaced. If OCing or more ram isn't an option then I don't think the HD5870 makes much sense. Or even the HD5850. An HD5770 is about 25% more powerful than your HD4850 and will give you DX11 however so it is something to consider. Or perhaps wait for the HD5830 to be released.
  2. Your cpu would bottleneck a 5870 at most id go with a 4980/5830 and depending on your resolution you play at, a 5770 would suffice any day.

    If you are willing to overclock get that e6600 (and a new mobo since yours is "crappy") to around 3.4+ to take full advantage of a 5800 series card. 2gb more of ram would do wonders as well if you do.
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    I play on a 22" monitor at 1680X1050 resolution.

    If I was to buy a new motherboard, 2gb more ram and a new graphics card, then I may as well get a whole new computer with an i5 or something in it wouldn't I?

    Roughly when will the 5830 be released?
  4. Ive heard Feb 25th thrown around a bit.

    For that resolution a 5770 would be enough.
  5. HD5870 would do justice to full HD resolutions. As paperfox said, for you HD5770 is good enough!
  6. a 5850 would be a good middleground.

    you can always try overclocking, and if for some reason it does damage the current one, buy a new one that will allow you to OC.

    if you OC the processor, you shoudl get rid of any potential bottleneck, but at stock speeds its most likely going to have a negative impact on performance.
  7. HD5850 is overkill for his resolution. An HD5770 should be very good for half the price.
  8. 5770 is a little slower than a 4870 get a 5830 or 5850 if you can afford it
  9. marco324 said:
    5770 is a little slower than a 4870 get a 5830 or 5850 if you can afford it

    At launch with beta drivers yes, that's true.
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  11. Quote:
    The CPU bottle next only comes into play on certain games, and at extreme resolutions anyhow. So if you want to I'd say go for it.

    The varying by game part is right but the opposite is true regarding resolution. Games tend to be much more CPU limited at lower resolutions.
    As for your advice, yeah, if a full upgrade is eminent then sure but only in that case. There is always a steep premium for high end tech and it almost never makes sense to pay for it when it is useless for your current setup. Getting something appropriate for your current needs that isn't overpriced is rarely something you will regret. Spending $400 for a video card that you don't need now and will be $200 when you do? Big mistake.
    I wouldn't recommend an HD5870 in any case. An OCed 5850 or an HD5770 now and crossfiring when he upgrades his machine will give similar performance at a significantly better price.
  12. If you are going to upgrade to an i7 or i5 I see little point in getting a higher end 5870 when you could just get another 5770 when the time is right.

    If you where getting a better core2duo or quad then maybe the 5870 would be a good choice as you will mostlikely only have one pcie slot. Because crossfire pre X58/X48/X38/chipsets are kind of bad. Also the lag time to when you upgrade your CPU with your new 5800 card is important, if its not soon after getting the new card then stick with the lower end and crossfireing, much cheaper and a better value.
  13. Just get a C2Q.
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