FX-6100 Bad CPU core

I recently bought a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo to overclock my Fx-6100 because it was producing low performance in BF3. I tried to overclock it to 3.8ghz and even upped the voltage a little bit for some leeway. When I stared using Prime 95 it would crash almost immediately. I bought new ram, tested the psu and changed all my voltage and timing of my ram to eliminate that problem. I then dissabled the last two cores and ran the Prime 95 and it would never crash (while oc'ed to 3.8ghz). I believe one of the last two cores is not able to overclock or maybe it requires much more voltage than the others. I need sugestions on how to deal with this problem. I don't think AMD will accept the RMA request because they don't care about if a CPU can overclock or not.

So far my options are:
Keep it at 4 cores and overclock a bunch
Keep it at 6 cores and just keep stock frequencies and return my Cooler Master heatsink
RMA (doubt that will work)
Try to sell it and buy a new cpu

If the problem is the processor I will defiantly never buy a AMD processor again because my other rig (i5 2500k) overclocked without any problems and I have overclocked over 10 other systems in the last year including one with the exact same motherboard and cpu.

My rig:
Biostar A960G+ MATX mobo.
Some 500gb Seagate drive (tested that many times on other rigs and it is not the problem)
4gb 1333 DDR3 ram by Microcenter.
Sapphire 6950 2gb
Zalman Z11 case
OCZ Stealthxtreme 600w PSU
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
So janky DVD from Microcenter.

I overclocked my other rig without any problems at all
Biostar T-Series mobo
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  1. My question is, What voltage did you feed the 6100? They can safely go up to 1.55v but not recommended on air cooling, 1.4v should give you 4ghz or more on all 6 cores easily. If not, you can RMA, just say its not working on your system but an old AMD CPU is, they might suggest a bios upgrade, just say you have don't that already and want to try a different 6100.
  2. I tried my voltage at 1.4v for a little bit and it crashed then I decided to bump it up like crazy to 1.465 and that still didn't work at all. I tried these voltages at 3.8ghz which is very low compared to what some people get at those voltages. I was also reading about the turn policy and they said they test the CPU at the AMD place and will return it if nothing is wrong with it. They also say it can not have been overclocked and the stock heat-sink must have been used the entire time. I really hope they don't care enough to figure these things out..
  3. Its also seems to be underclocking itself at all times. I have been doing many test and it stays at 3ghz even under extreme cpu intensive times. I have Cool n' quiet turned off so that is not the problem. I have a big hunch that AMD will say the processor is fine because it is fine at stock settings (which is 3ghz not the stock 3.3ghz)
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