A assembly help question!

Do you guys know any store or a site which would assemble computers part for you with minimum price.
The thing is i have never built my own system so im somewhat skeptical for the outcome
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  1. Building it yourself is very easy. Just read some guides to get caught up. The Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC on this forum is very good. There is literally no way to put the parts together wrong...
  2. kisshell2, only you know your technical ability. If you can handle tools ok, can think when small fitting issues come up. Maybe work on your bike or car stereo, then fine. Read the guide that MadAdmiral recommended and learn here on this forum. But if you still want to hire someone, pick the parts, TigerDirect or Newegg are great and look in the yellow pages, find a computer repair shop and tell them what you want and have a price quoted, then shop around and pick one. Then enjoy!!! Best of Luck.
  3. MadAdmiral; love the avatar. kisshell2, you could always look in the local yellowpages, or let everyone know what part of the country you live in...you could find one of the board members to help. I live in Norcal and would help...
  4. I recommend calling an onsite computer consultant to ask you some questions and make a list of parts to purchase. They can suggest the right parts for what type of system you want to build, and get them for you. The process of building the PC does not take very long, maybe up to a few hours. The OS install and updates is an additional 2-3 hours. After it is complete, and your applications are installed, you will be able to start using it without strange errors or crashes.
  5. I'm in Michigan, and would help you too. If you get the right components, it's quite a breeze. As long as you can work a phillips screwdriver with 5th grade proficiency, that is.
  6. Thanx.
    I will do it by myself then
  7. good...just remeber to post and ask lots of questions...it really is much easier than it seems. Everythign is so plug & play these days. And with youtube, you can find do-it-yourself videos showing you what to do.
  8. kisshell2,

    I was in the same boat as you last weekend and I decided to "just do it" on my own. The link that MadAdmiral posted is what I followed. I also read all the user manuals to make sure I did not miss anything. The only issue I had was whether to connect the fans in my case to the mobo or to the PSU. One thing I recommend is to read this link :


    The link is for troubleshooting but I think it is a good read for novice like me so I know what to watch out for as I am putting it together.

    Good luck!
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