Phenom II B50 Lock Up

Well, I finally got my phenom II x2 550 BE in to my M4N78 PRO and Nvidia's core callibration worked and it unlcoked the cores. Everything works, games, music and online. The only issue is when video such as encoding video or even watching youtube the computer locks up. I ran the Prime95 test for 4 hours and it works just fine. Any suggestions on how to prevent this lockup beyond avoiding all video content?
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  1. 4 Hours of Prime does not prove full stability most likely one of the cores is defective at least 12 hours of Prime will really check your CPU.

    Question did it lock up doing those tasks before you unlocked the cores?
  2. Before unlcoking, the cores wouldn't lock up, I assumed that it had a faulty core, but hoped (against logic) that there would be a common fix.
    Before I go to bed I'll run the Prime 95 test and it'll probably be off when I wake up... Here is another question, is it possible to only unlock one of the cores because I noticed with the prime 95 test the 4th core lagged behind the other three in testing...
  3. ^It depends on your motherboard's BIOS. You can play around with the ACC settings. You didn't mention any OC so I believe you are at stock so the ACC setting where you can set varying %age value individually for each core...

    Try it setting different value for the lagging core.
  4. The reason some cores lag is because when you are on the computer and running Prime even if you just open up a browser page it will take some of the priority away from Prime an cause a core to lag behind since its asked to do something else that is normal.
  5. Randomkid: So basically set the ACC to per core and increase the core performance of the lagging core till it is performing at par with others, I'll do that during the weekend, when school isn't in the way.
    SAAIELLO: That makes absolute sense.
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