Cheapest graphics card to game with 2 monitors

I would love to game with 2 monitors but i only have £150 for the graphics card left over; My motherboard - Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P this has 2 graphics card x16 slots (dual x8) I was thinking maybe 2 HD4850 (512MB) or the HD5830 when it comes out. I want to play MW2 and GRID etc. it doesn't really matter about AA or AF but I do want it to look good, so what do you think?

Also I will try to overclock a bit but I have never done it so it might be a sucess ;)

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  1. I would get a single powerful card over two lower powered ones, a single card is good enough to display two screens. For £150 a 5770 would be good, a 5830 might be a bit more than that, but I'm not to familiar with £.
  2. It is supposed to be about £160 I think
  3. Anyway a 5770 will be great for 1680x1050 resolution and below, even then its good at 1080 as well. 5830 would be better for 1920x1080 and above.
  4. A single card indeed... +1 for the 5770, although it might struggle with more demanding games... COD and GRID should run fine
  5. Offerings at that price point are weak at the moment-- you can get a 5770 for £122.70inc vat

    The next card up (5850) starts at £242.40. The 5830 should be released soon, but will still probably fall closer to £200 than 150.

    Edit: if you are going to overclock it browse around for one with a very good cooler--it would be worth a little more.
  6. I am not planning to build till around july
  7. then I advise to try and save some more as a single 5770 is really going to struggle with 2 monitors for gaming I should think...

    What res are your screens?

    For best value for money atm I'd get:

    Powercolor ATI Radeon HD 5850 "Dirt2 Edition" for £209

    damn good value for money with the game too - though I am not such a fan of Powercolor (think they have gotten better over the years?)

    which should be able to run 2 screens ok ;)
  8. I agree powercolor brand is worth it for the massive difference between a 5770 and 5850. It looks to be a reference design--so there isnt really too much they could have done wrong.
  9. If your not going to build until July, Id say come back maybe 3-4 weeks before you are going to build and ask this question again. A lot of things might happen in 4-5 months, maybe by then the 5850 will start creeping into your price range. Plus we have Nvidia's Fermi GPUs that are supposed to come out some time between then and now.
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