Power target increase, what does it do?

hey guys, currently overclocking my new HD 7850 with GPU tweak, and there is a slider for "power target" it was defaulted at 100% and i have since ramped it up to 115% and it maxes out at 120% for me, the increase saw no increase in performance (that was noticeable anyways) or temperature (stayed at 52C under full load, for 940MHZ)

currently its at 940MHZ core, 4800MHZ memory(stock) and 1140MV (stock was 1138, i only increased to see its affects, which i new there wouldnt be any) im planning or adding at least another 100MHZ if not 200MHZ to the core clock and about 600-800 on the memory

does anyone with a HD7850 think these goals are unreasonable? or have any idea what the Power Target is? thanks

Lord Tumnas (overclocking a graphics card that he fried the fan header on, and keeping it cool)
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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Before the update i had a happy 7850 at 1150 core and 5500 mem and i still can break down that barrier even with power target at 120%
  2. so whatever it is it helps? ill just leave it up i guess
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