Pixel shader 2.0 for a Intel(r) 82915G/GV/910GL Express

Hello all,

Just recently got my hands on Ghost Recon: Advanced WarFighter 2.

After all was installed my 5yo System met all requirements besides having a graphics shader.

Further tech support, and i was alerted my card should have pixelshader 2.0.

Can anyone tell me what i could possibly upgrade.

2 Intel(R)82915G/GV/910GL Chipsets
Intel(R)Pentium(R)4 CPU 3.20GHZ

Chipset Version

Everything else i have runs like a charm (excluding anything Nvidia related).

Should i just break down and buy a Radeon or Geforce with the 2.0 allready installed?
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  1. What expansion slot do you have on your motherboard? AGP or PCI Expres ?
    If you have an AGP slot maybe it's not worth the money to buy a card for that. In that case you should upgrade the entire platform.
  2. PCI Express
    PCI Bridge
    PCI Bus

    I'm guessing this is a bad sign?.... =(
  3. My PC is a Optiplex sx280

    Very small machine, about the size of a Nintendo Wii but a bit bigger.

    I'm also afraid all in the all the thing might not have the wattage to supply any performance from a new demanding chipset.

    Which is kinda depressing...

    kinda Like having the cake but the icing is as stale as a brick.
  4. No, it's not a bad sign !
    Your motherboard support a modern graphic card, but you will be severly bottlenecked by the old processor.
    Depending on your budget and the resolution you play at we may be able to recomend something good for you.

    The processor does have Hyper Threading?
  5. Oh, i see now.
    I don't think your power supply will handle more that it already does. From what i can find out, it's a 220W power supply?
  6. Unfortunately, you can't just upgrade parts in a Dell machine... So you must save money for a new comp.
  7. ooo....yeah this processor is reaching it's 7th year, and that's gotta change.

    would hyper threading be under system devices?

    I've panned through the detailed and properties of it and cannot find it either...
  8. you would more then likely have hyperthreading because 915 series chipset = prescott = 99% of P4 prescott's have HT etc

    P4 is poor at best for gaming and just doesnt have the power for modern games, get yourself a new rig, no ammount of upgrading will help you

    and onboard video is more like 3D deceleration, just like dont trust me even if it could render the image it would be like a slideshow seriously dont bother with that dinosaur.
  9. i'm going to go with your advice, this pc is nice, but with a aging processor and low power supply i'm basically looking at a pc version of an xbox.

    which is ok, i can still keep this thing for morrowind, fable, san andreas, gothic 2, simcity4, sims 2 etc.

    Thank you for you help.

    btw, intel did also tell me there might not be a way to upgrade because it's a dell, and my chipset seemed to be custom.

    i was just dissapointed and prayed there was a way to work around, thank you anways.
  10. Quote:
    ooo....yeah this processor is reaching it's 7th year, and that's gotta change.

    would hyper threading be under system devices?

    I've panned through the detailed and properties of it and cannot find it either...

    You can check out by hitting "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" and looking under the Preformance tab. If you can see 2 graphs, then yes it does have. And from what i can see on the Optiplex sx280 specs it does have HT.
    But in a such small form factor case you can't upgrade your on-board video card with a discrete one: it just doesn't have space. Sorry.
  11. Try A Low Profile 9600GT Or GT240, Or The ATI Radeon 5670 There Are Companys That Make Them And They Dont Require A Deticated Power Cable (PCI-E) And Should Be Easly Handled By The Power Supply, I Almost Gaurantee It
  12. I have the same onboard graphic card and it supports pixel shader 2.0.
    You need to update your driver

    INTEL stopped supporting this card and I want pixel shader 3.0. It's the lest requirement to run today's game and this card does not support it.

    To play games-----------------------
    ----Restart your system
    ---Hit DEL key so that it brings you to system settings
    ----Go to plug and play etc settings(I dont remember correct name but it's below BIOS configuration).
    ----Increase your card acceleration memory(maybe up to 128 MB) and also increase buffer size (if it's 1MB then set it to 16MB or higher)
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