Running hot and doesnt make sense, please help

System specs:
mobo - GA-z77x-UD5H
CPU - I7 3770k
memory - 16gb of corsair XMS3 1600 mhz
gpu - radeon 7950
case - cool master storm trooper case w/ a corsair H80 Liquid cpu cooler,

problem is at default cpu/mobo settings my cpu runs between 70-73 celsius according to cpu temp, when i over clock to even just 4.0 when i use AIDA 64 for stress testing it my cpu runs in the mid 80s (im under the imprssion you shouldnt let your cpu run consistantly above 75 degrees,.. why is this happening? what should i do? I should mention im a new to OCing but from what I read this board and cpu are both friendly to over clocking, anyhow Id appreciate any help,
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    Sounds like a classic case of improper seating of heatsink or too little/too much thermal paste.

    Clean the CPU and heatsink up and try to reapply would be my first suggestion.

    And yes, you are WAY too hot.

    My 3570k idles high 20s - low 30s @ 4.4ghz

    The highest I have hit in AIDA64 is 76C and that was on 1 core, my averages while running AIDA are MUCH lower.

    And those temps are with a crappy air cooler - something is wrong
  2. And PS go to the Artic Silver 5 website, they have a nice PDF of how to properly apply thermal paste to a 3rd gen intel.

    Too much, two little, or crappy thermal paste is well known to cause heat issues... You should be idling below 30C with that cooler I would think depending on ambient temps, etc....
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